Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthday Dinner

At the last minute I decided to invite a couple friends over for Lulu's birthday.
The forecast said it was supposed to rain all day so I was sluggish to plan anything... but then it turned out to be the most beautiful day and decided to have a yummy dinner on the roof.
Eloise enjoyed the extra attention, the singing, the presents, and most definitely the cake. And we were all very happy that Grandma Betsy was there for the fun (and all the preparation and clean up)

PS- I would normally put a headband on her for such a special occasion- but she won't keep them on anymore. I don't care- I am just glad she doesn't understand that people ALWAYS think she is a boy. So hopefully she will hurry and grow some hair and maybe she should only wear pink until then. (the lady at the grocery store asked if she was a boy or girl- I told her and then she said "oh, she looks like a boy"... ummm, thanks? what do I say to that!?)


Mandy said...

She is so cute. And I don't think she looks like a boy at all.
If it makes you feel better, people keep telling me that Nixon looks just like Allie and that he is a pretty boy.

Courtney said...

People say dumb things - I have been told a lot of times that I look more like a Dana than a Courtney - who cares, that's not my name! Along the same lines, Lulu is too pretty to be a boy.

Happy birthday Lulu!

Crystal said...

Cute pics!

The Nixon Family said...

i love that my kids aren't the only ones who get mistaken for boys. no one ever thinks my girls are girls and i just go with it. you could always pierce her ears. :)

Dee Dee Cox said...

Everything looked darling especially LuLu