Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For Father's Day Craig wanted his mom to come visit... :)
Plus we feel bad that Eloise is the only grandchild she never gets to see.
Whenever we are in AZ Eloise is always a little off... time change, new people, lack of sleep...
So we were happy that Grandma got to see what a happy little girl she really is.

I was kind of a boring host... 
I am not good at taking people to do touristy things.
But the weather was PERFECT.
Oh and I made sure to take Betsy to the fabric district...
They don't make cute crib bedding for mini cribs that fit in closets...
So we bought some cute fabric and she is going to make some sheets for me! I mean for Lulu!

I also took her to book club.
We read Bossy Pants by Tina Fey.
And my neighbor Jenny hosted this month, So Betsy was excited to see her apartment. (which is amazing)

Other than that we enjoyed some Red Mango and some bargain shopping.
And I enjoyed Betsy helping with dishes and folding laundry and baking yummy birthday cakes.
And I also convinced Betsy to read the Hunger Games... she couldn't put it down. Mission accomplished. Her flight home should now be enjoyable.

Now that Grandma is gone I need to get us all ready for a trip to Vermont for the long weekend!
I need to find a pack n play and a car seat and some insect repellent..... etc.

And I hope the perfect weather continues forever.


Ainges said...

Your little lulu is seriously adorable! I loved the last few posts. Hopefully I will get to squeeze that little girl soon.

Red Blogger said...

Excuse me for passing through. Great blog. I'm really just looking through for inspiration, visitors and followers !