Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Winter 2013

Yes, this post is titled "Winter 2013" because it is a huge dumping of random photos taken the past few months. Thought I needed some pics to go along with my previous post.
Now we are moving on. Spring is supposedly here.

Friday, March 8, 2013

6 month summary

It has been forever folks. Whoops.
I don't believe in the catch up thing and doing separate posts of all the things I didn't write about. I just don't have the time or patience for that.
So I will do a one post summary of our past 6 months so it is not all completely forgotten. It was a pretty crazy 6 months after all.

I was super pregnant and uncomfortable. Over it to the max. We moved out of our 1 bedroom apartment. Then we were homeless for 2 days. Then we moved into our 2 bedroom apartment. Hallelujah! No more babies in closets!
Miles was born on September 21st. My mom and sister played with Eloise while I was in the hospital. I was so grateful that Eloise was having fun with people she loves.  I was so sad and terrified to leave her. She was my baby. It feels weird talking about now that I know and am obsessed with Miles. But before he was here, I was so scared I was going to mess up the perfect thing me and Lulu had going on.

You know. Non-stop feedings, diaper changes, spit-up. Craig's mom came to visit for a week. I started ignoring doctors orders to take it easy because I can only do that for so long when I am the mother trying to take care of her home and family- So my incision came open while I was doing a Costco run (whoops). So then I spent 5 weeks or so packing my incision with gauze twice a day. (That means stuffing a long string of gauze into my incision with tweezers. Then pulling it out and doing it again to make sure it heals without getting infected) It was so not fun and I will need you all to remind me of this when I have my third. Because Im assuming "taking it easy" will be nearly impossible. My doctor was not amused that I chose to just stick a maxi pad over my C-section for a couple days before I decided to go in for an appointment. I mean... going to the doctor is just such a hassle sometimes.

In the midst of new babies and bleeding abdomen- there was a little thing called Hurricane Sandy. At first it was fun and exciting. At church that week, third hour was spent figuring out who lived in zone A and had to evacuate and who could house all of them. I volunteered to host some of my pregnant friends that all lived in the same building and all had to evacuate. We played and ate lots of food and were having a great time watching storm coverage (thank goodness I had gone to Costco after all) Well, it's all fun and games until the power goes out. So there we were on the 15th floor with no elevator, no cable, no cell service, no running water, no light. It was blackness. A few of us ventured down the flights of stairs to go look outside. It is so unsettling having no idea what is going on around you so we needed to check things out. When we got outside we were in for a rude awakening... the street behind me and our cross street were completely flooded. Flooded as in cars floating down the street. I was shocked. We started realizing that the power might be out longer than we expected. Anyway, this story could get long so- a couple days later my pregnant friends and me with my two kids hopped on a china town bus headed for Boston. Thank goodness. I was not physically or emotionally capable at that time to handle a week without running water or heat or light. I needed to get out of there.  I think I would have had a mental breakdown.

Anyway, we survived Sandy. And Halloween was just kind of skipped over... we dressed up for the ward party I guess. Thank goodness for that. Eloise was a cute little doctor. That is the ONLY thing she wanted to be. So random.

I stayed in Boston for as long as I could. I waited until Craig could get our car out of the garage and come pick us up. Also, my friends had to get back to, you know, have their babies.
Nate and Linley had planned a trip to visit before Sandy hit and thank goodness everything was back in working order when they got here! It was so fun to party with them.
Right when they left it was Thanksgiving. We had friends over to our place and had such a yummy and fun turkey day.

 I remember I had ordered a lot of stuff on Black Friday for Chrstmas gifts and also to decorate my apartment. I had been kind of ignoring our apartment because there hadn't really been time to decorate since we moved in... So Black Friday kind of got that rolling. I threw a "Favorite Things" party at my place. We had a Mexican Fiesta on Christmas Eve Eve. We had a low-key Christmas Eve with Shake Shack and picked up Levain Bakery cookies for Santa. Christmas morning was fun. Eloise loved all her presents. And Christmas night we had friends over for a yummy dinner. A couple days later we took off to Phoenix to see Craig's family for a week. Maya was blessed and sealed and it was great to be there for the special occasion.

A couple days after we got back from AZ I drove to Boston because Tanner and Heidi were taking a last minute trip there and I still had never met their 1 year old twin girls. So I had to go see them. Eloise had SO much fun playing with Oscar and Ollie.
January was full of baby showers. I threw one for my good friend Leah. What else happened in January? I can't think of anything.

We took off to California to visit my sister and to get some sunshine. My BFF Meagan drove down from San Jose. We went to Disneyland for day. We even went to the beach twice while we were there. Beach days in February- not fair. It was heavenly. It was nice to have nice weather and a backyard. Eloise had so much fun with her cousins. The time change was really rough but other than that the kids were great. Miles is basically the perfect baby- except he is gross and spits up non-stop. Hoping he grows out of that soon! He started rolling all over the place. He is seriously so cute and happy.

We just got back from a quick getaway to Boca Raton, Florida. Craig had to go for a work conference so we tagged along. JT and Lizzie had the same idea. (actually they had the idea first. we totally copied them) So Lizzie and I lounged by the pool with the kids all day while Craig and JT went to a super exciting insurance conference.  It was awesome.
And now I'm back to trying to entertain my kids inside because there is crazy snowing going on outside.

Im sure there is a lot that I left out- but this is better than nothing. The adjustment to 2 kids has been hard. But they are both good kids. Most of the time. we have moments every day that I want to go lock myself in my room. The apartment is usually a mess. And I usually look like a disaster. But other than that we are doing great and I feel like a quasi normal person again... I just need a little more Diet Coke than usual. :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Miles Q

I have been so bad at taking pictures of Miles but here are a couple from the hospital for those that haven't seen him yet. He is my sweet little man.

He really likes to eat and seriously freaks out if you delay meal time. 
He spits up a lot and is a gassy little guy.
He is very kissable and I cuddle with him most of the night and day.
Eloise has warmed up to him and thinks he is cute and funny.
These past 3 weeks I have felt very exhausted and very blessed- for my kids, for my family and friends, and for my husband. I am one tired lucky girl.

Thank you little Miles for teaching me that there is no limit to how much I can love and please forgive me for not having as many pictures of you as I do of your big sister. We love you so much.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spoiled Rotten

The past couple of months we have been spoiled rotten... :) Time has been flying by because I feel like life has been full of fun things to look forward to. Ultrasounds, parties, vacations... life has been good!

- Eloise and I tagged along on Cooper and Crew's spring break vacation to Puerto Rico. Awesome.
- Eloise went on her first sailing adventure in the Caribbean and even went snorkeling with me. It was so fun. She also had her first pina colada. She loved it. I'm creating a monster.
- I got to throw my good friend Lizzie a baby shower (I finally get to meet her sweet baby James tomorrow!)
- I went to my first Tribeca Film Festival with my good friend Laurel.
- Lots of ultrasounds. So far so good!
- We found out we are having a boy! (which included an awesome rooftop party thanks to Lizzie and Jenna)
- Eloise and I went and explored Savannah, Georgia and then met up with Craig in South Carolina at the tail end of his work retreat. Spouses were invited to come join for the weekend. It just so happened to be the #1 resort in the country. It also happened to be mothers day. It worked out very nicely for us. Remind me to have a lot of money one day so we can go back... :)

The whirlwind has stopped.  We haven't made our summer plans yet so who knows when it will start back up again. For now we are happy to be home to our awesome friends and our favorite city. I guess I should say we are always spoiled rotten.

For all you non-instagrammers... you know who you are... here are some pictures

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Well, the time was quickly approaching my 20 week ultrasound- AKA when I finally would get to find out my baby's gender. And then... as I was crossing days off my countdown, 2 of my good friends Jenna and Lizzie decided that they were in the mood to throw a "gender reveal party"
At first I was like- A) I don't even know what that is and B) I am super excited to find out at the doctor so no need to plan a party for the occasion.
And then when they pushed back, I caved because then I thought, What the heck... 
and as I look at these pictures it makes me happy I did.
This pregnancy has been SO different for me than with my first.
With Eloise I thought of her all day and night and just knew from the beginning it was going to be baby Eloise.  There was no doubt in my mind.
This second time around I have had zero intuitions, and feel badly because truthfully, I think about this baby rarely...(sorry baby #2), and spend my day taking care of my crazy almost 2 year old.  Maybe I could describe it as distracted? Maybe it was denial? Who knows.
Anyway, I was extra excited to find out the gender because I was really wanting to stop calling this baby "it" and was looking for this pregnancy and this baby inside me to all seem more real.
(As if the gigantic middle section isn't enough?)
Anyway, like I said, I have had zero intuitions. Craig thought FOR SURE it was a girl.  I just simply had a hard time picturing a boy because I picture my baby as baby Eloise naturally. It is hard for me to imagine anything different.
As you can see by the chalk board... Most everyone else was hoping for a boy
And indeed it is a boy.
And we are in a little bit of a shock.
And we are ridiculously excited.

To answer some questions:
We had the nurse seal the baby's gender in an envelope.
The envelope was given to my friend Jenna who was just planning on dropping it off at the bakery but then my sister Ashlee demanded that Jenna open it and tell her first.
So then Jenna and Ashlee and the bakery knew my baby's gender... oh and my doorman apparently because Jenna opened it in my lobby and screamed "AH! ITS A BOY!" haha. love that.
Then the bakery made cupcakes with blue frosting inside so when we bit into it we got a little blue visual of the baby boy inside of me.
Anyway, it was something I would have never thought of on my own and I'm grateful for friends that are more fun than I am.  This made my weird denial pregnancy feel more real and a little extra special. Baby boy deserved a little special attention and I'm so happy he finally got some. :)

Name recommendations anyone??

Monday, March 19, 2012

oh ya...

I forgot to mention in my "updates" post that we are expecting a baby the end of September!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


The past couple weeks have been sprinkled with some cold days and some gorgeous days. I'm talking 70 degrees gorgeous perfection.  Those days have been the best.

Eloise has been a handful this past week. I'm giving her the excuse of teething for now... but I also bought a couple toddler parenting books online the other day during a particularly low point. So, hopefully she gets a couple teeth soon so I forgive her for all the horrible things she has done to me. And hopefully I will realize soon that I have to stop laughing at all of the naughty things she does. That might send some mixed signals. Poor confused naughty sweet little girl. 

Also this week, Craig had a lot of extra curriculars. Knicks games (I believe he went to 2 games this week), playing on his basketball team, March Madness...  basically all basketball related. Poor tired mommy.

Fortunately I have learned a valuable lesson from my mom and sister- Instead of getting mad or feeling bad for yourself- make it a win, win.  I remembered this lesson by Friday night when I was so over the cranky baby and my messy house and feeling bad for myself- I decided Saturday was going to be my day. And it was. It was a nice break. I also negotiated a few things that should make me very happy come bonus season. After realizing what I gained from him going to another basketball game- it was totally worth it. Win win.

Eloise is growing up so fast.  She finally says her name and it is SO adorable. Eloise. Love it. (no matter how hard Craig tries, she refuses to say Lulu. Hilarious)
Her current obsessions are her sunglasses that some street vendor gave to her the other day after she tried to steal a pair. Great life lesson by the way. :/ She is also obsessed with bubbles and being a super picky eater. All day long she says "more" and I have to try to guess what she wants- and she usually wants nothing I am offering.  It is so fun.

Anyway, I am SO grateful for the sunshine we have had- otherwise I would have been extra cranky with the 2 peeps I love most.  If we couldn't have gone to play at the park and run around outside, both Eloise and I would have gone crazy.  And thank goodness we didn't. We actually had a lot of fun. We got to do our favorite sunny day activity- walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, play at the park on the water, get pizza from Grimaldi's to go eat on the grass and get an ice cream cone before you leave. The best. We had a day in Soho shopping. We had park days and play dates. So I guess I will stop complaining. :)