Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Miss thang

I haven't shared much about Eloise lately. This will be a doozy.  I want to be able to read this one day and remember how silly she was.

She is awesome.
and a stinker.
Sometimes she won't let me put her down
And sometimes she wants nothing to do with me.
When she is sad and I am ignoring her- she goes to her crib and gets her blanky.
If she can't reach it, she yells at it until I come get it for her.
And then I cuddle with her until she is happy... which I wish took longer sometimes because I love her cuddles
Then she just wants to get down and make more messes- like unrolling the toilet paper, or eating garbage, or breaking the dishwasher, or hiding the remote in the bathtub.
Last night I was dying laughing because I was standing by the tub with her towel trying to get her out. She would stand up and take a step toward me... when I would reach for her she would smile and dive in the other direction.  Kind of a dangerous game but it was hilarious. She did it over and over again.
She started walking around 11 months. It is so cute. She's got a little waddle strut goin on.
No matter how much signing time she watches or how many times I try to reinforce it- she just likes yelling to communicate.
I tried getting her a new blanky to have a second option around... she doesn't care for it.
I started getting more firm with my "No, No"... first she always laughed me. I got a little more forceful... Now she bows her head and pouts.  It makes me laugh and or breaks my heart every time.
There have been a couple times when she has been naked in her crib after nap time... not quite sure how that happened.
She likes walking into my room and shutting the door on me so I can't follow her... but then she can't get out and bangs on the door... but then I can't open it for her because she is standing against it on the other side...
She is starting to let me get through a couple of pages of a book before she wants a different one... baby steps.
She still spits and/or throws her food if she is full, bored, or being a diva.
She likes putting things on her head... I think it is funny.
When we say "where is lulu?" she covers her face. Sometimes her ears. Sometimes the top of her head. sometimes with one hand. Sometimes with both.  It is cute and makes us laugh every time.
She shakes her head when she hears music.
Whenever I say "yay" she immediately claps her hands.
She waves and flirts with anyone who will give her the time of day... unless she feels like I will be leaving or the person wants to hold her... then she holds on tight and hides her face. I secretly love that she is a mamas girl. I also hate it a lot.
She talks a lot. Zero coherent words so far.  Her communication skills are a little lacking I think.
About a month ago she started throwing her bottles after drinking one ounce... so no more formula. No more bottles.  Strictly sippy cups of water. And some apple juice of course. I am happy about this. But I kind of miss feeding her at night. I liked cuddling with her and her blanky and watching her doze off while she drank her bottle.  No longer. Sad. She is so big now.
She is addicted to her pacifiers. Only when she is sleeping or sick or tired or sad. :)  She doesn't care about it so much when she is awake and happy.  Sometimes she likes carrying 2 or 3 around and rotating them.  And then she throws them somewhere and I can never find them again... 
She loves bath time. I am not sure why she insists on standing in the bath and walking around...
Her name is on her closet wall (aka her bedroom) and whenever I get her out of her crib she points at it and I have to spell her name for her.
We are missing a couple computer keys... I hope she didn't eat them. She would.
When we go to the park she spends most of her time digging through the stroller basket because she knows that is where I throw her snacks.  Then she brings them to me and spends the rest of our park time snacking... which always makes me wonder why I am sitting on concrete when I could just feed her at home.
Every time I check on her when she is sleeping she is in a completely different position. Upside down and backwards and on the other side of the crib.
She loves Chipotle kids meals. :) I love that she loves Chipotle. It would just be wrong if my child didn't like Mexican food.  Chipotle is across the street. Right next to Red Mango. She also likes Red Mango. We go across the street a lot.
Eloise now gives Craig a little show when he leaves in the morning. She cries and reaches for him from her high chair.  I don't tell him that she stops pretty much immediately after the door shuts.  He acts like it is torture for him... but I know he loves it. 
She is so fun and happy... except when she is not. But I love that when I lay in bed at night- I lay there and laugh and tell Craig all the funny things she did that day.
I think he is jealous of my job.  I don't blame him. (but I also make sure he knows how HARD and TIRING and DRAINING and EXPENSIVE it is)  :)


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