Tuesday, April 26, 2011

home at last!

Just arrived home a couple hours ago from Boston via Amtrak.
I have way too much to do to give you all the details right now..
But we have had 3 weeks of bliss.
Scottsdale, Hawaii, Naples, and Boston for Easter.
Thoroughly enjoying unemployment to say the least!
Craig starts work next Monday so we are filling our last week with moving prep and enjoying our favorite city.
It feels good to be back.
(have I mentioned we are moving? ya. next week! just a couple blocks away.  another 1 bedroom- but Eloise will have a closet to sleep in and I will have a washer and dryer. hallelujah.)
Today we conquered cleaning out Craig's closet.
Tomorrow we conquer cleaning out mine before I conquer unpacking.
And we are going to have to squeeze in some time to upkeep our nice tans.


The Nixon Family said...

welcome home! can't wait to hear all about it! big move- good luck. i can't imagine how that works in a big city in an apartment. good luck! post pix soon!

the conleys said...

hope it's ok that I'm stalking your blog, I'm a friend of Craig's from Phoenix. your little Eloise is DARLING! such fun photos!

Stephanie said...

Craig has a tan?? Prove it.