Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This right here is a happy boy.
A month of unemployment is just what he needed.
I thought for sure he would go crazy, but he was relaxed and fun and happy.
After months of malnutrition and lack of sleep he was looking and feeling less than par. 
The sunshine definitely did him some good.
(and apparently my husband is part Mexican- or so it seems)

I missed my baby SO much while we were in Hawaii.  But we still managed to enjoy ourselves.
It is hard to beat the beach, fresh tropical fruit, chick lit, snorkeling, swimming. Heaven.
Ashlee watched Eloise and said she was perfect. She forgot to mention that she was barfing for 3 days!
I might have started crying when I found this out- and Craig realized that my tough exterior is a facade and that little girl means the world to me- and that it was a challenge for me to not worry about her constantly. :/

At the last minute we decided to meet up with my mom and little brothers in Naples, FL for their spring break.  It was a good decision. Although it was tiring getting to AZ late from Hawaii and leaving early the next morning with Eloise in tow.
Craig had fun acting like a 16 year old (which is what he does every time we are with my brothers)
And Lulu and I had fun shopping with Bella and swimming (and eating sand)

We flew home with my family to Boston to celebrate Easter.
After days of rain and cold- Easter greeted us with warmth and sunshine.
70 degrees and perfection in NY today.
Looks like we timed it just right.

Didn't take too many pictures because I was too busy reading on the beach.
No complaints from me.

Back to the real world!


Courtney said...

Craig looks like a new man - much better than he did that first night in Arizona. Glad you had fun.

Angela said...

So jealous of your trip, and you have seen Betsy's tanning skills, right? That's where he get's it from!

Mandy said...

I second what Court said. When I saw that picture of Craig, I thought, "That is what I remember Craig looking like not what he looked like upon arrival in AZ."
So glad we got to see you all.

Stephanie said...

I didn't realize that Craig could tan that well. It almost looks fake. John tans well too. I hate it. It makes me jealous. (i try to tell john that the sun will give him cancer again and he can't get tan ... it doesn't work.)

Granum Family said...

so jealous of your tan! so happy you guys had such a great time! glad you are back!

The Nixon Family said...

i'm glad there was at least one shot with momma in the pic! it looks like heaven. glad you got to stretch the fun into a few weeks!!!

Hutchinson's said...

I am so glad that you got to enjoy your cute little hubby! Miss you guys and can't wait for July! You better be coming to SD!

Ainges said...

We have been waiting for some pictures from paradise! LuLu is SO adorable! I could eat her. Maybe we should have made our way down to Florida after all! Hope to see you guys soon-

Meg said...

SO glad your back Tay! Your trip sounds like heaven and the much needed break! Now we need to plan some nights out!