Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The weekend

I love the weekend.  We know this already. And long weekends...they are the best.
You must wonder why I love weekends so much considering every day of my life is like a Saturday...
I love having my husband around. I love going out with friends and giving Craig some sort of social life. I love that I go into every weekend with a list of things I want Craig to help me get done... and I quickly forget about the list and decide that having fun with him is more important.
Unfortunately, Craig had to do a lot of studying this weekend.  He is taking his last CFA exam next weekend (knock on wood)... but we managed to make some time for fun of course.
We cheered the Celtics to victory.
We went to dinner with friends... and when we stopped at The Burger Joint afterwards for milkshakes- Craig decided he needed a cheeseburger and fries to go with it.  He is ridiculous.
We got about 1 chore finished of the 20 I had in mind.  It will be a busy week for me.
We had a new couple over for dinner on the rooftop on Sunday.
While Craig was at the office studying on Monday and I was feeling sorry for myself I decided to go get cold drink and a pedicure. The kind lady rubbing my feet made sure to comment that she noticed my feet were "bigger"- as in swollen. My good friends heat and humidity have definitely given me some chubster limbs.  Thank goodness this is the last month.
Monday evening we went swimming at our friends apartment building and enjoyed pizza and cookies outside. It was the perfect ending to our long weekend...
And now I have a doctors appointment today- how stupid am I to schedule an appointment for immediately after a long weekend of stuffing my face.  Weight gain will be absurd this week.

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Lizzie said...

Yay for the weekend.