Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dog House

How do I make my husband more scared of me than of his coworkers?
He has no balls when it comes to saying no to them... which means I, his wife, get said no to a lot.  
And I am kind of over it.
This morning he wakes me up at 6:45 before he leaves for work  to tell me that he is going to a dinner tonight with a guy he works with.  Not a work function... just something his friend pressured him into. This was previously discussed and not agreed to... hence him waiting until this morning when I was half asleep to tell me about his attendance... and then ran out the door.
But its fine.  I enjoy spending every week night eating alone and waiting until 10 for my husband to get home...especially when he isn't working but is at a stupid dinner!
I love that every time I want to make plans with him it seems impossible... but if his buddy at work wants him to go to a fundraiser and leave work at 5:30- no problem!
In a more awake state I remembered that this dinner was somewhat of a gift to Craig if he agreed to buy 2 tickets to some other fundraiser dinner that is coming up.  I definitely vetoed that.  Big time veto.  A) those things are LAME. B) Last thing I want to spend hundreds of dollars on... we just moved and we are having a baby. Spending money is starting to make me sick. C) If I get to go to a nice dinner with my husband- I would prefer to not have to listen to speakers and sit at a table of strangers.   D) It is not for a cause I care about or support... I would rather give money I don't have to a million other causes.
All valid points in my mind.
So anyway, as you can see we have a problem. 
Fortunately, our problems are not big problems.  I know this.  
But this is still a problem I would  like fixed. 
I was laughing on the phone telling him how busted he is... and he was laughing back...
and I thought I should let the world know how truly busted he is.
Don't disrespect me fool.

Anyway...any suggestions?
I don't think this whole "unconditional love" thing is working in my favor.


Stephanie said...

Didn't you know that you married into a family where the men are pleasers? They like to make everyone happy and can't say "no."

Luckily, John's life isn't quite as fancy as Craig's. If he gets invited somewhere, I usually just tag along with him. and tell him everynight how much fun he had that night with me. Works like a charm.

The Nixon Family said...

Just wait until he's in the IB world. Seriously Tay, you don't know what's coming. Plan on eating alone weekend nights too. I hope the transition goes well, right after the babe. John says, "I really missed the first two years of Eva's life." Nice. And it is amazing how work gets them off early and we can't. He'll learn though. He'll get better.

afton, stephen & brooks said...

I say make him call in sick one day soon and rub your feet and bring you chocolate covered strawberries ALL DAY! I hate the work culture out here, I never see my hubby!

John said...

That was hilarious! We've all been there. And the sad thing is...it never really ends. They know they can say no to us and we will still love them and fold their clothes and clean their toilets. Pretty much you just have to suck it up and find a good way to deal with it. I like to get a babysitter and go out with friends, out to dinner, to a movie, shopping, whatever. But believe me, I've spent a lot of time pouting and whining to John and that never worked. Not once. Sheree's right though, they get better over time. And children help them prioritize!

stacie and geoffrey... said...

Haha, I love your blog rants, and your apartment is AMAZIN!

t.t.turner said...

This made me laugh so hard. And your apartment is adorable. I covet it.