Saturday, March 6, 2010

Picture this

4 toddlers. 4 hours. My studio apartment. Every Tuesday.

Yes I started a "daycare", "playschool" (whatever you prefer to call it) in my studio.
We have fun though- crafts, games, story time (thank you new library card), lunch time, play time (if weather permits), learning time...
Hopefully I can take some pictures soon and document the daycare I started in my studio apartment when I was 6 months pregnant.  Good times.

And the big news for the Cannon family this week is that we are moving. What? Yep. We are moving.
Same building. Bigger Apartment. May 7th. We thought of this option last Sunday and now the new lease is in the mail... movers and shakers.

So on the agenda for this sunny 50 degree day is thrift store shopping... I have got to get busy furnishing and decorating! The search is on!
Maybe we will even get a kitchen table! Dreams do come true.


Courtney said...

I was very impressed when my mom told me about your playschool. So excited for you to get a bigger place. A bedroom will be heaven when the baby comes!

The Nixon Family said...

way to go on the school. you are going to be the bread winner soon enough! excited baby will have a room of her own.

Nancy said...

This made me think of you guys and decorating an apartment, kind of fun