Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day

What do you do when you see a mother hitting her child on the subway?
I don't know what the answer is. I wish I did.
I did nothing...Just shivered at the thought of what must go on when she gets mad at home and is not in front of hundreds of people.

Ironically I witnessed this public abuse on my way to the UN for a conference on the Celebration of Motherhood.
There was a panel of 6 or 7 women from all over the world that spoke about the importance of motherhood in society.  It was inspiring and tear jerking.

I am so lucky to come from a home that taught monogomy and the importance of family.  I am so lucky to have access to obstetric care.  I am so lucky to have a loving husband that respects motherhood.

It is amazing the effect a mother can have on a child.  From the nutritional effects from our milk that is becoming more and more amazing to the medical community for all of the benefits it offers- to the loving gazes and smiles you give your child in their first weeks of life that help form its limbic system- to the basic teachings of love and human kindness that come from being cared for...  The list goes on and on.

It was very cool hearing women from all over the world fight for motherhood and families.
It put a lot into perspective.
Unfortunately there is a lot more fighting against the family than helping it.

I decided the least I can do is fight like hell for my own...

Anyway- it was a cool experience today.  Being in the UN in a room of women from all over the globe discussing how important motherhood is.  I have heard most of it before, but hearing it in a political setting rather than a religious one made it even more real.

And in case you didn't know- today is International Women's Day.  Go celebrate.


Ashlee said...

very cool... and I think you say something as kindly as you possibly can. Something like "I can tell he/she is being difficult. I know what that feels like. How can I help?"

I've done this. Once it went well- the mother said "Yes, Im sorry this has been a terrible day." And I felt like she was sincere.

Another time it was a father and he told me to Eff Off. I told him I would gladly leave when I was sure his daughter would be safe. He didn't love that.

But, still. I'm glad I say something because those kiddos can't!!!

You're such an awesome mom, Tay!

Lizzie said...

That sounds amazing. Wow. What a cool experience.

Ainges said...

How did you get to go to that conference? That would be a really neat experience. I can't even talk about child abuse without getting a sick stomach. I usually just stare straight at the people. I have actually called CPS twice since I have lived in Utah! I just don't think God should allow people that would do that to have children....its just not fair.