Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank you for weekends.

It was a good weekend. Nothing extraordinary happened.  It was just a good one.  And knowing that next year me and baby will be the new duo while Craig works non-stop... a good weekend becomes a noteworthy one. It is so nice to spend nice quality time together after a week of dinners alone.  I am so thankful for the weekends.  They will be dearly missed next year.

- My good friend Amanda was in charge of throwing a birthday party on Friday for the boy she nannies.  I got to help her execute the NY Yankees themed masterpiece and it was such a cute party.  She definitely impressed a lot of Manhattan private school parents.  (we are talking a catered affair people.  it was legit)
- Valentines Day.  I am so happy I waited to see this movie instead of rushing out on its premiere night with high hopes.  We went with LOW expectations knowing that would be the only way we would really enjoy it... and we did. 
- Craig found some new dress shoes for 50% off.  He has been looking around forever and has never been able to pull the trigger.  Even with the sale price he had to go back to the store twice to ponder! Could we be more different?
- During a quick random stop in H&M my friend Amanda saw a little girl's skirt thrown in with mens boxers. Last one in the store. Size 12-18 months.  Perfect for next summer! I asked Craig in a baby voice "Daddy will you pwease buy me this skirt?  I will look so cute in it"... he couldn't resist. already wrapped around baby girl's finger.  
- We enjoyed free pedicures thanks to a gift certificate I have had for almost 2 years.  It was very enjoyable indeed. The boys felt stupid afterward for being so unwilling.  Of course they enjoyed a massage chair, foot rub, and gossip magazines. Duh.
- Our friend's the Egan's found an Italian restaurant in the East Village.  Bianca. Best lasagna I have ever had. Craig ate off my plate more than his own. Plus it was quaint and adorable and very fairly priced. I am so happy when we find little gems like that.  Makes me love living here and happy that I am taking advantage of it.
- 40 degrees and sunshine.  Nice enough we decided to walk down fifth avenue on our way home from church and stop at Washington square park. We wanted to explore the neighborhood and see if we would like to apartment search there.  It has been added to the list.
- The missionaries were nice enough to remind us during church that we were feeding them later...after a short panic attack I remembered that I had a full fridge and pantry thanks to my shopping spree at whole foods on Tuesday (that Craig was not very happy about) and I was so happy that I had a clean house and plenty of meal options. We usually have an empty fridge and barely remember to go get something late Saturday night for Sunday dinner... It was a good week for surprise dinner guests.
-After dinner and brownies with the missionaries, we ended our weekend by watching one of our favorite movies- Count of Monte Cristo.

The addition of baby girl and warm weather will make weekends like this even better.
We can't wait for summertime.


Amanda and William said...

Three cheers for a great weekend. Is it a problem that we spend so much time together? I hope not. I really like it.

Lizzie said...

Fun! That Italian place sounds great.