Thursday, February 18, 2010


  • It was confirmed a girl at my 20 week appointment.  The lady probably thought we were the lamest parents ever because we did a horrible job of acting surprised...but I was not about to explain to our technician that I actually already knew it was a girl because I went to the mall in Utah to find out...  But most importantly, baby girl is healthy and happy.... and was hopped up on Hi-C just for daddy.  I wanted him to get a show... but sadly I think he had a hard time not watching my stomach grow right in front of him.
  • My weight gain doubled in the past month... good times.
  • Hubba Dubba and I got to practice our parenting skills on our friend's two little girls for a couple days.  It was fun.  For a couple days. :) They were cute and obedient and went to bed easily... so they didn't give us very good practice for what our kids will be like to say the least. ( I think its wise for me to just assume that my children will be crazy naughty...)
  • We spent the long weekend in Boston.  It was a great trip home.  Dre had the CUTEST birthday party ever, the family went and played paddle ball which was a blast, I played mom's personal assistant, we ate yummy food as always, and I thoroughly enjoyed the massage chair as usual.  And we made it home to our apartment in less than 4 hours... amazing!
  • Valentines Day was pretty much overlooked this year.
  • Craig has been working a lot... and he is slowly trying to change his sleep schedule so he can be used to sleeping 4-5 hours a night by June.  (No, not because we will be having a baby in June, he is switching groups at Goldman in June and will be working more hours than I can count.... so that should be fun for him....and me.... and the baby....)
  • I wake up most mornings not remembering when I fell asleep or how I got in bed...
  • My ever growing stomach and lack of core strength is causing back pain.  Although it is becoming very annoying- I will gladly take back pain over nausea any day. 
  • I told my friend Angie a few weeks ago how skinny she was getting (she just started training for a half marathon)... she responded that it is an optical illusion because all her friends are pregnant and getting fat. It got me thinking that maybe thats why I have so many friends... I make people look GOOD.  (this shall truly be tested when I am hot and sexy again... stay tuned... )
  • Craig went to BYU for a day to recruit future investment bankers. (he thinks he is a big shot)  And then he made me listen while he called all the people that didn't get the job.  That was painful.  Thanks babe.
  • I watched Food, Inc. with my mom and Crystal.  Although part of me wishes I never saw it (ignorance is bliss) I was so shocked and angered by all the things I learned and am so much happier to spend the extra money on organic local foods now.  I don't want any more of my money going toward giant corrupt corporations that are feeding me poison.  No thank you.  I HIGHLY recommend seeing it. Netflix it. On Demand it... its worth it!
  • Now that I can't lay on my back... its all I think about... 
  • Thank goodness for the $15 H&M coat I bought last year in a size too big (sale rack) because my real winter coat no longer zips up over this lady lump.
  • Okay I will stop making bullet points of worthless information.  Grey's starts in 5 minutes and I was just trying to kill  some time...

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The Nixon Family said...

is craig going IB? what group?