Monday, September 14, 2009

Charmed Life

Well hello again.
The fun continues in New York City despite the fact that it felt like October the first half of last week and November the last half and then July yesterday... sketchy. It is supposed to be September!
Thursday night was kind of big deal...It was Fashion's Night Out. It was happening in all the big fashion cities across the world and I was lucky enough to be in one of them.
All the fashion stores were staying open until 11 and it was basically a big party throughout the city with celebrities showing up places, free manicures at Chanel, free drinks, a band playing at Prada... to make shopping fun again and to help out the fashion industry. I felt VERY out of place to say the least. But it was a fun night out with the girls and a memorable New York experience.
We stayed in SoHo for the event. We were going to go up to 5th Ave, but it started to feel like we were at a huge rager, pushing our way through people, loud music, and well it was past my bedtime. After Rihanna and Sienna Miller showed up on the block it was just a little too crazy.

Upon arrival back at the home front we were reminded that it was the eve of 9/11 and were barricaded when we popped up from our underground transportation. The police officer let us out so we could get home and we were very happy that we had decided to go to New Jersey the next day... the madness would not be missed.
Secaucus, New Jersey to be exact... which I often mix up with a similar sounding STD. My ex neighbor moved there last month and she is greatly missed so we went out to visit her and enjoy a rainy day in the suburbs... We might have made her take us to Home Goods and some great outlet stores while we were there... and then we might have left our many many bags in her car so she could drive them to us the next day...Needless to say it worked out quite magically. Thanks again Larisa!
The weekend continued with a BBQ at our friends house... yet another neighbor soon to be ex-neighbor. So lame.
There were 17 kids in nursery this week. Enough said about that Sabbath day experience.
Now it is Monday and my friend Hillary asked me to watch her boys so her and her husband could go to the US Open Mens finals tonight... well, it just so turns out that I am actually going with her to the men's us open finals tonight!!!! Not that I wasn't super excited to baby sit...

Federer #1

Del Potro- #6

Do I want the best player of all time to win 6 US Open titles in a row? Or do I want the under dog that just dominated Nadal in the semi finals to win the crown? Yet to be determined. I guess I just want a great match. SO EXCITED!


Jenna said...

Federer! I have to say that otherwise Dustin would break up with me. You're living the life Tay! And I love reading about it.

Ashlee said...

So jealous! I hope you have a blast.

The Nixon Family said...

continue reading... now i know where you got the tickets...