Monday, September 7, 2009

Here Fishy Fishy

This fabulous long weekend we went to Boston to hang out with the family. Good times.
First things first- Target and the Mall. After I got that out of my system I was ready for what followed:
-Maybe we made some big bucks on that BYU game... thats what happens when you gambling. but we don't. unfortunately.
-Fortunately the girls got massages during the football game. Got home just in time to watch the last quarter. just. like. i. like. it. (FYI Massage Envy has $39 massages for your first visit. Do it!) PS Michelle's masseuse was a 75 year old man. Ha. Oh and Why do most girls prefer girl masseuses and boys would rather die than have a male masseuse?... is it because they think everything has to be sexual?
-Walk about in Boston. My family has lived in Boston for a while and we have not spent very much time exploring the great city. So I "forced" the family to go out because the weather was AMAZING...and we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon downtown. You are so welcome.
- Power outages are always a good time. Finding every candle in the house and putting it in the kitchen (naturally) makes a normal Sunday evening extra special. We gathered as a family around the candles to chat and play President and the scum. It was nice that ESPN had to take a time out. Maybe we should pretend to be Amish every Sunday...i thoroughly enjoyed it.
- Delicious Dinners. as always.
- I also "forced" my family to watch 17 Again and I was ridiculed for the horrible choice. I stand by that movie... whole heartedly. Forever.
- Deep sea fishing with the boys was definitely a highlight. I didn't actually do any fishing myself... I preferred to be an audience but it was a very entertaining show. I did hook one... but it got away...and I am not strong enough...or it was probably just 10 times bigger than everyone else's fish. Probable.
- Trampoline with Dre and Fin might have been my favorite... and Fin can now sing "twinkle, twinkle"...and he sings it a couple octaves lower than his normal speaking voice. Kills me. Every time.
- And now we are on the Bolt bus back to our home land... I got my huge bag filled with 10 loaves of moms homemade bread so we are all set to get back to the big city. (Thanks Mom!)

Oh how I love living a $15 bus ride away from the familia. The miserable 4 hours is worth it every time.


Stephanie said...

Fun! I love spending time with fam. Too bad Craig's fish isn't very big. John had a good laugh about that one.

Sierra said...

That's sounds like a really fun weekend! I miss you guys! I think its about my time my family goes out to Boston/New York to visit! Haha.
P.S. 17 Again--I'm with ya on that one!!

Granum Family said...

We watched 17 Again last night and I'll stick with you on that one too! :)

McKell and John said...

Wow!! Those really are some big fish! Sounds so fun and your mom's bread is pretty dang scrumptious!

Crystal said...

Please come every weekend. No, just move here.

Hutchinson's said...

Since when does the Ainge family fish? HA. Such a fun weekend!! I am jealous that you are a $15 bus ride away!! Love you and I am needing an e-mail!!

Heidi Ainge said...

Tanner and I are sitting here soo jealous that we missed out on so much fun! And we watched 17 Again and we were laughing through the whole thing! So we liked it too! The shorts that Craig is were in the fishing picture just so happen to be the only pair of shorts that Tanner owns!HA- they might have been twins in another life..maybe? We miss you guys and cant wait to play at Christmas..oh man...thats like 3 months away! Loves