Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May flowers

New York and New England is GORGEOUS right now. Green and flowery and perfection. I do not want the hot sticky summer to come. I just want it to stay like this forever (is that an Aerosmith song?)
Anyway, my past few weeks have included the following:
- Sunday rooftop party- I had to take advantage of the gorgeous weekend.
- Monday mommy group rooftop party.
- Catching up with best friend Kathleen and hitting up Canal Street.
- girls night (included a segment of table dancing and tamborines)
- Brunch at Norma's with Team Davis
- Craig and I took a Walk down fifth avenue stopping in all the stores that make you want to be rich and famous.
- Ghost of Girlfriends past with Craig
- Romantic dinner with Craig and a long walk home... And then Craig sprinted home because he was about to pee his pants...leaving me to finish our walk alone. :)
- Girls night (included a mechanical bull...) We also went to Del Friscos for the most amazing lemon cake in the world.
- Dinner with 2 girlfriends at Tao... we were hoping to spot some celebrities but instead we just thoroughly enjoyed our delicious but overpriced food... and then pinkberry for dessert of course.
- I went to Boston AGAIN this weekend... 3rd time in 5 weeks. My sister in law Heidi was visiting my family with her little boy Oscar. It had been forever since I have seen them. It is always so fun going home and playing with my nephews. They are the cutest.
- After my bus ride home yesterday I had to go straight to another girls night goodbye party. (Sadly a lot of people are moving away) It was so fun but I was very sad to have to hug and say goodbye to so many awesome girls.

Of course the past couple weeks have also included a lot of not so fun stuff like work and cleaning and bus rides and laundry... you know..
And if anyone is judging the ladies nights...our husbands work late.

Anyway, the fun never stops.

Come visit before it gets all sticky!


Crystal said...

It was so much fun to see you! You are definitely one of the most fun people out there. How did your GG party go? Love that. Talk to you soon!

Heidi Ainge said...

Tay thanks so much for making the trip to Boston. I love when you are there to make everything a party! you really are the best aunty ever.