Monday, May 18, 2009

Call me a problem solver

True Story:
The other day I emailed my big sis and shared with her that I was having an internal struggle. The struggle being that I LOVE living in New York City, but I dream about wall paper (sad... but true). I was secretly depressed that I could not make my dreams of papered walls become reality while renting apartments for eternity. Was I going to endure rentals with blank walls forever? Or move out of the city I love to own a cute little house just so I can create the interiors I cannot stop thinking about!??!?!?!
The answer?! NEITHER! Or neither. However you prefer to say it. For one second let us ignore that I have some mental problems (ie being obsessed/depressed about wall paper)and focus on the PERFECT solution that I thought I was going to have to invent but because God lives and loves me it already exists!!!! Drum roll please...... TEMPORARY WALL PAPER!
Problem solved people. Crisis averted. Problem solved.


Crystal said...

Holy funny.

Ise, Chels, & Graham said...

Haven't seen you in forever! Totally thought i was gonna go mentally crazy living in an apartment and not being able to design/decorate my space...Love the temporary idea, let me know how it goes. I promise one day you'll own your own home and i will tell you it is the BEST feeling to put a nail in the wall or a splash of color on it and know your not going to have to pay to fix it!

Courtney said...

We definitely need pics when the wallpaper is up. Are you going to paper the whole place or just parts? Also, aren't you guys planning to move this summer? will you wait until you move to wallpaper?

Tay said...

yes I am going to wait until we move. We are going to move the end of August and who knows what our next place will be like... so we shall see. But I am so excited for the wallpaper option!

Jenna said...

You're a genius, and amazing.