Monday, April 13, 2009

Sweet Escape

Hello my peeps. Lo siento for the long absence. I have been a party animal the past couple weeks and I am now paying the price. I have a cold and my house is a mess...My mom right now is probably thinking "what else is new?".
Last week I went to Arizona to visit some of my favorite people. It was GORGEOUS weather and of course when I arrived home New York decided live it up and ruin my dreams of warmth and sunshine, making me even more grateful that I decided to run away for a week of bliss and 80 degrees. I got hang out with my sister and her hilarious children. They crack me up. Spending a week with Siena has completely set me up for disappointment with my own children. Sounds horrible, I know, but its true. She is a perfect, adorable, happy, funny, healthy baby. It is impossible not to completely adore her and want to steal her away. My poor children... there is just no way I will get that lucky...not after my teenage years.
I love seeing my big sis. The older I get the gap between us narrows and I have so much fun with her. We had fun eating, shopping, gossiping... you know the drill.
I also got to spend a lot of time with my BFF Meagan. It is funny to see us together-she is very tall, thin, gorgeous... walking next to Me-Ms. Teapot short and stout..-. and somehow we manage to pull off a double cartwheel together.Pretty funny. Not many people get to have the same best friend since age 5. Let me tell you- too many wetting the pants stories. (Don't pretend like you have never wet your pants)
Ashlee and James suddenly took off to conference for the weekend,leaving their children with me and Meagan. I decided to take the kids to Phoenix for the day so I could visit my in-laws. I have heard HORROR stories about in-laws so I know I am lucky to have in laws that I love and adore. It was so fun spending the day with them and I am excited for another reunion at John's wedding. Vegas Baby!
Needless to say AZ was fun. I didn't get a chance to see everyone that I would have liked to, but when you live on the other side of the country, your top priority is spending time with your family that you miss so much and that is just what I did.
SO.... I got back on Tuesday afternoon and left again Thursday night to go to Boston for Easter weekend. I had a minor meltdown in between trips...which I blame entirely on hormones (TMI). We invited our friends JT and Lizzie Davis to tag along and we had so much fun with them. Craig and JT have a funny relationship. JT is a year ahead of Craig in life and Craig WORSHIPS him and is trying to follow his every footstep(Thinking about getting him a bracelet that says WWJTD?). My mother also joined the JT bandwagon when she heard him play the piano... obviously her children have let her down in that department. Sorry mom.
JT's wife is awesome. You know when you are married and you are making friends and it can be difficult to find couples that you both enjoy equally? Well, I am very happy that I get along so great with JT's wife Lizzie, considering my husbands obsession with the guy. Lizzie is so great, but the poor thing got the flu and was quarantined in the guest room most of the weekend.(talk about fun anchor)(just kidding) We have all been there (Talk about flashbacks to last month...), and we all agree the flu is the worst... especially on vacation. So I am hoping the next trip I make to Boston doesn't include the flu in any way shape or form. Poor Lizzie.
My mom makes delicious food and is the best hostess/entertainer. It is hard not to take advantage of my family's closeness and party there every weekend. Dre and Finn are so fun and I am so lucky to have such an awesome sister in law that is so easy to get along with.
But I must say something.. one sided relationship. I really need to have children so my family comes to visit ME! I mean... I live in a really fun place... but nothing. nobody. So now I am having strange dreams that tell me "Have a baby and they will come."
So it was a fun filled 2 weeks and now I have a cold, a ridiculously messy apartment, a lot of laundry to do, an empty fridge, and a really long blog post, but It was all worth it. I had so much fun.
I just look forward to when Craig can join me on all my travels. It is so much more enjoyable when he gets to come with me and I don't have to miss him. But... I'm not going to hold my breath. Bahamas anyone?


Ashlee said...

I love when you post. It always cracks me up. Just come live here so we can fight about decorating my living room and go out to lunch and make my kids cute every week. K? We miss you already!

Anonymous said...

i'm down for the bahamas.

and yes, that was a funny post. thank you for the entertainment

McKell and John said...

How fun! I wish I could have played with you to Arizona and Boston! Yep, teh flu sucks. I'm soooo over the flu. And you are so adorable. I love your bangs. Stop saying bad things about yourself. You are beautiful! Love ya!

Crystal said...

I'm with Ashlee, I love you're posts and they always make me laugh. You're a good writer. I would love to go to NY more often. We'll for sure go sometime this summer and visit. We didn't go anywhere over the winter--well not to OTHER freezing cold places anyway. I'm sorry you got sick too! Both of my kids are sick right now...of course. It was great to see you guys!

JT and Lizzie Davis said...

I was laughing so much when I read this so I called JT to read it to him but I was laughing too hard and he couldn't understand me. WWJTD?! Still laughing ...