Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was just on the phone with my sister and I was laughing at us. We kept saying REALLY? SERIOUSLY? And after a while of it we sounded like we were doing an SNL skit. It was making me laugh and I am still in that mind set so I am going to continue with this while I give you my update.
So.My husband tricked me into marrying him. Really. Yep. He did. Planning cute dates, giving thoughtful gifts... those days are over. Really Craig? Really? You can't get your wife a gift or plan a date on Valentines Day? Seriously? You are the worst. Really.
Last week my brother and sister in law went to Mexico. Really? And you are going to leave me with your two little boys in the freezing cold. Really!? And they are both going to get the flu and vomit everywhere! Really? Seriously? And then the whole house is going to get sick! Really? All while you are on the beach eating tacos! Really!? Ya. Really.

Okay... I'm done whining. In all seriousness my husband is not the worst. Over all he is a great husband... but he did trick me into marrying him. That is for sure. Most days I love him a lot but right now he is in trouble for all of the deceit and lies. THE LIES! What happened to the romantic side of him after the "I do's"!? I will not let it die without a fight. So... that is why I am throwing a little temper tantrum.

Dre and Finn were perfect angels and are the cutest little boys in the world. They are impossible to say no to and for the first time in my life I didn't get mad at the person waking me up in the morning. They are just too cute. It broke my heart when they got sick and were so miserable. Then I got sick and miserable with them and cleaning up throw up has to be the worst mothering duty of them all. But I miss them now and miss the little guys running up to me and saying "hold you please?"... its hard work that you mothers do, but you have to admit that it feels pretty good.

For Presidents Day weekend Craig and I invited some of our friends that live here to come to my parents house. Both couples have two kids so it was a packed house but we had so much fun! I definitely love having a lot of people around. Maybe its what happens when there are 6 kids in your family... but being surrounded by a lot of friends and family is my favorite. All the kids ran around in my mom's new awesome basement, Crystal threw Dre a fun Pirate themed birthday party and bought all the kids swords and little gifts which they all LOVED, she made one of her infamous Mexican meals, we ate, we shopped, the girls ran away to see a movie, but mostly we just took it easy. Even if you are just playing rock band or watching The office...I definitely believe THE MORE THE MERRIER! It was a fun weekend and I love that we have made such awesome fun friends here in the city. unfortunately one of the couples has to move in a couple of weeks. I'm really going to miss them. Friends like them have really made being new to this big city so much easier! I'm so glad we got to spend that weekend with them before they have to go and we are crossing our fingers that they can return soon!

This post is really long and has zero pictures. REALLY!?


Austin said...

When did Valentines, Anniversary, Mother's day, etc. all become wife day? Really? Seriously? He has to work 80 hours a week, earn the money, AND plan the social life? Really? Seriously? When is husband day, cuz without kids it seems like every day is wife day!!! So there!
So now I am done bashing your pathetic whining, Thanks so much for watching our boys! You did a great job! Couldn't have one it without you.

Mandy said...

LOL to this post and Austin's comment.

I am pretty sure most boys aren't quite as good of husbands as they were boyfriends. Welcome to the unromantic life of being married.

Crystal and Austin said...

This is Crystal. I too was tricked as you can see from Austin's lovely comment above. The nerve! Dear Austin, Taylor's point was that you guys all start off being Mr. Romantic and doing cute little thoughtful things (while still being busy with work or school or basketball or whatever), but then once you get us to marry you, it suddenly becomes OUR sole responsibility to plan all romantic things.

Taylor, you are forever Sainted in our eyes for watching our kids and cleaning up barf mess after barf mess while we ate amazing tacos and sat our butts on the beach. I still can't believe all of that happened while we were gone. So so so very sorry. You're the best.

Tay said...

I loved watching your little boys. I just didn't like getting sick... but I never do. I hope they stay that sweet forever. Good little boys you have. Lets hope Austin doesn't ruin them! Goodness. Men.

McKell and John said...

that was the funniest post I've read in a looooong time. You are the best sister ever for watching those little puking kids and still loving it. It makes me want sisters. I'm not so sure sisters-in-law would be too willing to do the same thing. You are freaking hilarious. Seriously. And if it makes you feel better my husband has never bought be flowers and never wrote love poems so I wasn't even tricked into it. I just really like his huge calf muscles! ha ha! love ya!

Jenna said...

ha! Taylor this made me laugh pretty hard. Way to put Craig on blast. It probably worked and he'll never forget Valentines day again.

I'm going to NYC next week! I am assuming it's pretty hard to figure out where you are relative to the destination you want to be, (like the time you tried to visit me when I was in a hotel in Boston), but if we find out that I am close, I'll try and find you!

Heidi Ainge said...

Loved the post and Austin is such a man! But don't fret, even your brother, Tanner, has fallen into the 'just being a man' category. But I decided because they do work a lot, maybe this is our era to be the romantic ones. But I feel like I work just as hard, so I don't know about that??hmmm.. And being home with the kids and pregnant belly just doesn't always put me in the romantic mood! Ha, this could be a therapy session. But before I get into trouble we did go to the melting pot the day before valentines to celebrate, (but I set the whole thing up)! I hope I get to see you soon! Loves

Hutchinson's said...

Three words. I LOVE YOU!!!

The Nixon Family said...

they are tricky... sometimes it's just easier to go and buy what you want for yourself. i saw your momma wednesday after vomit week and she was still down in the dumps. you are amazing for cleaning the barf off you and the kids!
austin- everyday is wife day and holidays are just extra special wife days!!!
boo hoo craig has to work 80 hours a week, here's a secret...
if craig is anything like my hubby THEY SECRETLY LOVE WORKING THAT MUCH!!!!!!
i don't feel bad for him at all. i just feel bad that you have to live 80 hours a week alone!

Crystal said...

Howdy! Here's how to make spanish rice and refried beans:

-2 cups rice
-3 tablespoons veg oil
-1 8 oz can tomato sauce
-2 tablespoons powdered Caldo de Pollo or powdered (not cubed) chicken bullion
-diced onions (optional)
-4 1/2 cups water

Brown the rice in oil for about 10 minutes. If you wanted some diced onions (or anything really), you'd just brown it all together at the same time. The more brown the rice gets the better it will taste. Then add in the water, tomato sauce and chicken bullion, stir it in, and let it boil down until it's almost even with the rice (maybe a little above). This is the part you REALLY have to watch because if you let it boil down too much it won't turn out and it will burn quickly. After the water is about even with the rice, turn off the stove, cover the rice and let it sit for about 40 minutes without removing the lid. It's really easy, the only part that gets tricky is just keeping an eye on the rice while it's boiling. Oh yeah, don't stir the rice while it's boiling either. Just a little when you put in the tomato sauce and bullion. I don't know why, my mom just told me not to.

-2 whole cooked beans in their juice (I usually just use whole canned pinto beans and estimate about 1 can per person--even though that is always too much)
-diced onion (maybe 1/4 of a small onion)
-diced jalapenos (about 2 teaspoons-ish)
-minced garlic (about a teaspoon)

Brown onions, garlic and jalapenos in oil (tastes good to brown diced tomatoes too if you want). If you really want it to taste good buy some good old fashioned lard or cook a few pieces of bacon in the pan first and use the grease to brown it all. Once onions, jalapenos and garlic are browned, add in the beans (stand back, it splatters). Just let it all boil for a minute and smash it up! Queso Fresco is really yummy sprinkled on top.

Hope all this made sense!

JT and Lizzie Davis said...

I love that SNL skit. I laughed out loud at this post. So funny.

Hutchinson's said...

Write something new already! You make me laugh! Love ya!

Granum Family said...

You are hilarious! Lets go to lunch or something soon!

The Nixon Family said...

yo tay-
where's a new post...
i need a laugh.