Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happiest Place on Earth

So I spent the last 5 days in California with my two best friends. It was amazing. We did the Disneyland thing and spent a couple days in Newport on the beach. They had a heat wave while we were there and it was 80 degrees the entire time. It was a little warm but on the beach it was perfection. You can imagine how hard it was leaving that to return to snow and ice. I just really want to live in California. I really really do.
Meagan and Katy are hilarious and I miss those girls all the time. It was a great reunion and I am so lucky to have lifelong friends like them.
The needing to lose weight sector of my life was not that successful on this trip. Horrible in fact. Forgive me please.
I'm home now and have to work out like 5 times a day to make up for last week. Good thing I'm unemployed and have nothing better to do.

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The Nixon Family said...

hello tay-
so how does it feel to have your comments on your blog published in a magazine? you are so cool! :) though i do have to say that drawing of yo daddy does not look a thing like him. go cougars!