Monday, January 12, 2009

Chronicles of a mad fat girl

I know not a lot of people struggle with weight... just me and Oprah pretty much. Bless her soul. A year and a half ago I was wearing a cute little swimsuit and had a decently cute little body... today that is NOT the case. I have no excuses but I have let myself go at the age of 21 and it is sad, pathetic and quite depressing. So it is time to really make that change. I have tried writing food logs and counting calories and having a diet plans. I have tried writing my goals in my journal and then the next time I open my journal (a year later) I realize that was a worthless thing to do. I could blame the ADD my mom has diagnosed me with, but the truth is that I just hate being fat and it's something I have never really had to deal with until now and I really just need to suck it up and get over this hump already.
So my plan is to share this with all of you. Put a little pressure on myself. Have some people to answer to. Feel free to yell at me, call me, send me healthy recipes etc. I need all the help I can get.
I will not share my weight but I will say that I need to lose 20-30 pounds. Ya... CRAP. But its no lie. It is the sad sad truth.
So today I worked out for 1 hour. Burned a little over 600 calories. I don't know how many calories I burn walking around the city, but obviously and unfortunately it isn't enough.
- the mad fat girl


Hutchinson's said...

I feel your freakin pain!! can do it! I had to stop eating white flour and sweets, but I actually dropped about ten pounds in two weeks! I have since gained that back because of stupid Toolson feasts over the holidays but try it. I swear by it. We can do it together and check in with each other so we have someone to answer to. I am here for you!! LOve ya and you are fabulous. Love reading your blog!

Courtney said...

I'm struggling right now too. I swam laps for a half hour tonight and it's the first workout I've done since we moved into this house. I don't even know how to cook healthy food. Maybe you can share any health secrets you figure out with the rest of us.

Too bad you are going to Disneyland - otherwise I could save GG or Bachelor for you on my tivo. I hope you chose to watch GG and flip to Bachelor in the commericals - that show has so much filler.

Amy said...

Oh Tay, I didn't know I could love you more but yup, it just happened. From one to another, I feel your pain. And let me tell you... you MUST start watching Biggest Loser RIGHT NOW!!! Seriously, call me lame because I used to make fun of it all the time but I am totally addicted now and it is AWESOME! It has to be the most inspiring show EVER - especially if you've got the chubby blues. And check out their online club - I've been doing it and totally love it. But let's be honest, I joined for the free books but it was worth it cause they're great and have TONS of great/inspirinf stuff in them. Other than that, cheer up chuck, I think you're totally cute.

Ashlee said...

Girl, you are brave by taking your weight loss goals to the internet! There are few things harder than losing weight. It is a very hard, slow process. So, be ready for it! Don't get distracted if it doesn't happen fast (ADD):) How will you eat healthy on your girls trip!?

mindy said...

i actually do bets with my sister Amy. usually we just say no sugary stuff. pop,candy,cake, sugary drinks, etc. {lost 8 lbs before the wedding}
well i gained it a few more.
this time:every two weeks we add something to our list we cant have.

its a lot easier then giving up EVERYTHING you love at once! just an idea!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Tayyylloorrr. You are funny. And although I don't believe you for a second, if you really want to try something new (and don't mind my language but it's really the title of the book that I learned about in Nutrition class) called.. Skinny Bitch or the other book is called Skinny Bitch in the Kitchen. It has a bunch of goodness including recipes and were bestsellers.

Kendra and Nathan said...

At the ranch this past Christmas, we were talking about acne and how to get rid of it. Everyone put in what they think makes acne happen and go away. Newell, the natropath (sp?) said take herbs and heal from the inside out. Chelsee the make-up artist said cover it with make-up. Mom the realist and quick problem solver said take accutane. I said acne mostly comes from stress and to see a counselor. :) I think the conversation about weight loss has similar results - it all depends on the person and in what they believe. For me, it's simply not about diets, exercise, or food (despite the generations of women in my life that have been on diets since time began it seems) I have to learn actually to stop thinking about my weight. When I do, it frees my mind up to think about so many other things to which I can give energy and voila, I eat vegis because I like them, I go on walks because I like moving and seeing at that pace, I run when my legs tell me they need it, I relax when I need to, etc. I rarely overeat or eat when I am not hungry when I think like this. I am not the poster child for a great body either, but I have never been so happy and I have never felt so beautiful. That's my thought on the matter. Tay, you have too much to offer the world to tie up your mind with thoughts of calories and feeling fat. I think your body will regulate to a great size if you relax about it.

McKell and John said...

Stop saying you're fat. Just stop. Our warped Toolson minds use that word too much. Just be healthy. You are beautiful no matter what. But good luck, losing weight is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. Still working on my baby fat and my baby will be ONE in a month. So yes, good luck my dear, good luck!