Monday, January 12, 2009


So my DVR is broken. So how am I supposed to choose between The Bachelor and Gossip Girl tonight? (Don't Judge me please) You might be thinking that I can just watch Bachelor the next day on but no sir, the sound on our computer is now broken as well. I can't just watch the return of devil woman Dianna sans volume now can I. And I can't very well pretend that Gossip Girl is not on at the same exact time full of tons of fabulous drama taking place in my very neighborhood! I mean if I missed Gossip Girl I would have nothing to talk about the next day at Hip Hop class with all of my Relief Society sisters.
As you can see I have a huge dilemma and I have no idea how people survive without TiVo. Horrific.

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The Nixon Family said...

the BACHELOR! all the way. you must send jason good vibes so he picks the right girl. and also, diary of a mad fat woman, a hardly believe it- but here is my take. i was a good 25 lbs heavier in college. for me there were some hormones involved so make sure to check the dosage in your bc, but it also was my relationship with food. i woke up thinking about what i would eat every meal and how good it would be. one day i just realized i didn't need to be thinking about it that way. eat to live, don't live to eat. i think that's what it was for me. healthy food and just trying to not focus on food. you are a loner in a big city with a hubby that is gone a lot so a lot of it is emotional. if you find something to do with your alone time (other than eat which is what i did all the time) it might just make a difference. sorry for the epic, but that's what i think. just know we ALLLLLL go through it. it is not just weight, it is finding that happy state of balance that takes the weight off. love you! good luck with the weight loss.