Sunday, January 4, 2009


Sorry to keep you so un-informed my peeps.
Here are a few random updates.

No- I did not get a Vespa.:(
Yes- we had a cute Christmas tree and made gingerbread houses.
Yes- It is miserably cold most days... the temperature is fine but the wind just ruins everything.
No- Wall Street's bonuses were not good this year. BOO!
Yes- As of now Craig still has a job. Check back next week. Could be a different story.
No- We did not go to Times Square for New Years.
Yes- We went to bed at 10:30 like we do every night.
Yes- we are kind of boring... but it was really really cold... what would you expect?
Yes- I got some great steals at after Christmas sales.
No- The customer service in New York is definitely not good. terrible in fact.
Yes- I had to pretty much return everything...

Anyway, we had fun in the city over the holidays. we missed our families and definitely missed having little kids around on Christmas morning, but considering our driving record during the Holiday season (We each have totaled a car during the holidays the past 2 years) we thought it wise to stick to subways this Christmas. We went and visited a few of the best Christmas trees in the city, read "The Best Christmas pageant ever", frequented the movie theater, shopped a lot, had a few dinners with friends, made yummy food to put on my new Williams-Sanoma plates that Craig's parents gave us (me), and enjoyed the festiveness of New York at Christmas. We had to do it once!... but maybe not again.

Love you all. Happy New Year!!


Crystal and Austin said...

We missed you guys! I was sad you didn't end up coming here. Sounds like you guys had fun though. We've had a few Christmases solitos and it was kind of fun just the two of us. We almost got you the vespa, but couldn't find it in the right color...sorry, maybe next year. Are you crazy by the way? You would get killed in NYC driving one of those little things around! No, no, no, that will not do.

McKell and John said...

I'm sad you didn't get to see your families for Christmas but I'm real glad you got those cute plates! And Crystal is right, a vespa in NYC is pretty much a death sentence! And bonuses have sucked all around just to make you feel better. You'll get a big fat 100,00 dollar bonus one day to make up for all those crappy hours! Happy 2009. PS, Meagan and Preston are really cute together ! I approve.