Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Worthy wish listers

As I live day to day, browse the internet, recieve gifts, plan pretend weddings, read books, walk the streets, etc- I come across things that are fantastic. I just thought I'd share with you all some wish list worthy random things I have come across.

Im so random. These are in no particular order BTW

1) Rust Designs
I mentioned to you in my last post that I refused to register for China when I got married...maybe I changed my mind okay... this is my wish list and I can put whatever I want on it.
Anyway, check out the website. She designs beautiful china that is more whimsical and less formal. It can also be personalized which I think is awesome. She has a great Holiday collection and some cute wedding collections.
Besides setting the table pretty- she has many designs that I think would make awesome wall art or gifts.
For example
The Family Tree and the Silhouette. Send in some geneology or a picture and you get something pretty and personal.

2)Helen Ficalora
My sister and best friend gave me a HF necklace for my birthday. I LOVE it. I am bad at buying jewelry and prefer having nice pieces that I can wear daily without having to think about it. HF's designs are cute and casual enough to wear everyday but simple and sophisticated enough to make a statement. I LOVE.
Here are her popular alphabet charms but she has many cute ones to choose from.

A cheaper alphabet necklace can also be found at anthropologie for $38. (Anthropologie is full of things I want. I wont even go there. Most recently I love their wallpaper!)

3)Galbraith and Paul
I am kind of obsessed with interior design and I am in love with these designers. They make all of their fabrics, have such cute patterns AND you can customize them by changing colors and/or fabric options. They also make rugs and lamp shades which are equally as charming. Some day... I'll keep dreaming about this one.
here are a couple of my favorite fabrics.

4) Sarah Perlis
I just told my best friend to get her future wedding ring from this designer(I also warned her that if she did she better not mind if one day I have a matching one). I LOVE her. Her jewelry is all handmade and gorgeous but in a more casual crafty way...which is perfect for all you stylish moms and well... people like me that just can't be fancy if you try.
Here is some of her "wedding jewelry" that i love but am not ashamed to want for my other hand. :)

okay this is getting too long. I will post more things later. I love it all!
Let me know if you are looking for anything in particular (Furniture, jewelry, food, dream vacations, shoes, childrens clothing, stationary, party favors...etc) and I will post my favorites.


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Kendra and Nathan said...

Really, you should keep this kind of thing up! You will end up being a professional shopper, wedding/party planner, interior decorator, florist, and image consultant before you know it :) You have GREAT taste Taylor!

And let's face it, you don't live in such a shabby place for all this to be realized. I got the itch to shop while I lived there. Where once was indifference for style came opinions - lots of them!