Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Childhood Fantasies

I have always had a little dream of being a wedding planner-Creating the perfect party for the perfect couple. I think all little girls have a fantasy like that and I still happen to fantasize about it quite regularly.
I kind of thought I lost the little girl in me when it came to my own wedding and I cared about very little. I had a few must haves, but most things I was very indecisive about. I think I wanted to be that way to keep things peaceful... just kind of go with the flow. I wasn't the one paying for it after all. I bought a very cheap wedding dress, Ashlee picked out the invitations and much more, I wasn't at the caterers for the taste testing with my mom, the first time I saw what my cake would look like was at my reception, I refused to register for china. Ashlee bought me a white bra for my dress the day before my wedding and I never bought shoes. I ended up wearing my rainbow flip flops, having my friends do my hair and makeup and just showing up to see what everyone else put together for my big day. You would think that from the sound of things it wouldn't be anything to brag about... but It was the most amazing wedding reception I have EVER been to. I LOVED it! It was gorgeous, all my close friends and family were there, we got to dance to Colbie AND Kanye... what a perfect party for a girl that likes it all (or can't make up her mind... however you choose to view it) Thank goodness for my wedding planner and my mom and sister that I can absolutely trust when it comes to throwing an awesome party, my bridesmaids and cousins that danced with me all night long and my amazing photographer Jamie Hammond.... oh and my cute husband :) The party definitely would not have happened without him and his awesome family.
I am so glad they ignored my nonchalant attitude and threw me the perfect party anyway. Such a big day deserves to be celebrated the right way. It was a dream come true and the flame of my childhood fantasy was rekindled. Now I will continue on my way of planning pretend weddings in my spare time for the next perfect couple.


shannon said...

You look so MUCH like your mom in the first photo! Absolutely Beautiful!!
I heard your day was perfect! So fun to see more pictures! Thanks Tay!

McKell and John said...

I agree. Your wedding was probably my most favorite-everything. The colors were AMAZING, the food (mashed potato bar, are you kidding me? heaven) was awesome, the decor was beautiful and those flower arrangements? I STILL have people asking me for pictures so they can copy them! It was my dream wedding too.