Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Olive Juice Kids

I have decided to post things one at a time for now on... just as I think of them or when I feel like it.
moving on
So there are these 2 little girls in my ward that always look ADORABLE. I asked there mother where she gets their clothes (oh and can I have them after you please... thanks)
Anyway she gets them from crewcuts and this little company called olive juice. I thought the name was so cute and her girls are so cute that I just had to check out the website(taylor you do not have children...just remember that)
The style is very classic. no frills or ruffles. just classy and I just think its so cute. (oh and i'm also obsessed with crewcuts but you all are up to speed on that already)So buy some classy adorable clothes for your children and save them for me because things like this wont go out of style... i dont think anyway. :)

A few of my favorites from the olivejuice website:

this first one is my favorite. I love this school girl jumper. It starts in 6-12 months and in older sizes (7-12) it comes without suspenders. It comes in a few different colors (yes including hot pink!)(and its on sale from $45 to $30) What a perfect, easy outfit for your little girls to match in at church! Just add a really cute head band in a bright color or something. Olivejuice also has great blouses in short sleeves and long sleeves depending on where you live and the season. :)

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The Nixon Family said...

wow tay i am impressed. you have been busy. i guess i can check your blog more frequently from now on. when i am rich i will fly you out to decorate mt house. i like your style.