Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the internet is working right now

(we got a new neighbor a few days ago...hopefully they wont put a password on their wireless)
Last week my brother Austin and his wife Crystal decided to come to the city for a couple days and play. We decided to take them to this cuban place we had heard so much about. It is called Cafe Habana and its a tiny hole in the wall kind of place and my food was good... but the corn we had for an appetizer was amazing. I will definitely be taking long walks to eat that corn. It was grilled corn on the cob with 2 kinds of cheese that I didn't recognize, chili powder and lime juice. So so good.

Austin and Crystal drove back to Boston on Tuesday and well I decided to go with them! It was perfect timing. My baby left for Florida for 2 weeks...so that means paid vacation for me!! I was planning on staying in Boston until the next Tuesday but I ended up coming back on Sunday because my husband cant live without me.
While I was away, Craig went deep sea fishing with some guys from the ward. He had never gone fishing before so he had a lot of fun and he thinks he is a pro now... typical.
Here is a picture of him with some nasty fish that is currently residing in our freezer. I dislike fish... dead or alive. Maybe I'll go give it to the homeless man that lives on our street.


Ashlee said...

I love Cafe Habana and I super love their corn. Don't be a baby- cook some fish for your professional fisherman! Call me and I will tell you how.

Mandy said...

I hate fish too. It makes everything stink. And i hope you blog a lot this week while you are on paid vacation.

Courtney said...

the kids were impressed with the fish but thought the corn looked gross. I am very interested in trying the corn.

Farnsworth Family Newsletter said...

Tay, you are so dang funny! I love reading your blog, you totally entertain me.
Wow, the corn looks amazing. I'm glad you are trying all the food places, you'll have to tell me where to go next time I'm back there.
Ashton gets his call tomorrow (Thursday), call Heidi she'll tell you where.
I'm glad you are enjoying yourself back there.