Monday, August 25, 2008

the update

So life is good.
the 18th was our 1 year anniversary!!! yay go us!! Craig told me to get all dressed up... so of course that meant I got to buy myself a new dress right? Ok good just checking because I did. He brought me home flowers and he took me to the rainbow room for dinner. The rainbow room is a nice restaurant at the top of Rockerfeller center. It was great food, a beautiful view and all in all a great anniversary. Good job babe.
I can't decide if the first year of marriage flew by or went ridiculously slow. On one hand I feel like I've been married for years... on the other hand I still can't believe im married. But fast or slow, it was a great year and I still think I have the best husband in the world. Lucky me.
We are making friends and exploring the city.
We spent friday exploring the Union square area. I decided for all you people that if you come to the city... this is the place to shop. Its got everything from Gucci to Gap to Filenes basement so it has it all. We went to a movie, dinner and shopped around the area and we walked home because it was such a nice night.
On Saturday we went to watch a movie in central park with some friends from our ward. They showed August Rush and it was kind of exciting watching the movie in the exact spot where the movie took place.
Anyway, we are having so much and so far I love to New York so much more than I expected I would.
As far as my job is concerned... I love that too. Its fun pretending to be a mom to an adorable little girl all week and then getting to sleep at night and go out on the weekends... best of both worlds I suppose.


shannon said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
Glad everything is going so well for you both!
You deserve it!

McKell and John said...

I want PICTURES!!! Come on, I live in flat boring Texas, show me some pics of your fun, exciting life!!