Tuesday, September 9, 2008

all we do is eat

Fall is on its way so craig and I decided to do one of the adventures on our list that requires decent weather. On saturday morning we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to eat some of the famous Grimaldi's pizza. have you noticed that all of our outings revolve around food? Anyway, the pizza was great and we were very lucky to get seated right away. There is usually a huge line outside but not many people went out on Saturday because it was supposed to rain... and rain it did.
We were drenched on our way to cafe Habana for dinner. We were craving some corn and it was just as delicious as the first time.
My friend said she was going to take me to a place called "Milk and Cookies" this week. By the sound of it Im thinking that I will like it a lot. I'll be sure to give you guys the review after I go.

PS my baby is back. she is crawling around now and climbing on everything! so my wish that she would stay a little baby forever is not going to come true.


stacie and geoffrey... said...



Anonymous said...

taylooorrrr where have you been all my life. apparently new york. ps. we both lived in youtah at the same time and I did not even see you once, how did this happen.

McKell and John said...

Pleeeeeeeease go to Boston this weekend so I can see you! I'll even pay for you China bus!! Or maybe we can come see you...no, come see us! Come to the concert and rock out to New Kids! i wan to see you!

sherrie said...

Hey Taylor - this is Sherrie and I have never been to your blog before but I will be coming back b/c it is fun to read...you keep making me laugh. Did you hear about Cafe Habana from Ash and James or someone else? That is Brian's favorite place and he told them about it so I was wondering if he is influencing you all to go try that amazing corn. Unfortunately I've never actually tasted it but we try to do it ourselves every summer! Love ya! Have fun out there and keep writing so I can enjoy your stories! Sher