Monday, July 21, 2008

City Life

Hello everyone.
I am deeply sorry for the lack of postage.
See there is this little problem that keeps me from informing you all of our life happenings... we don't have the internet.
Currently I am in the diner across the street because they have free wifi. I'm here quite a bit and becoming quite close with all of the waitresses. Good times.
Craig and I are all moved into our little but charming apartment. We love it. It feels like home now. We love our ward and we are so happy we decided to live downtown. The people are great and I love the city so much more when I'm so close to the water. It gives New York a whole different feel.
Somone asked me for directions yesterday and I knew what to tell them!!! This was a very happy moment because 95% of my traveling is spent asking people how to get somewhere. So far everyone has been very kind and helpful.
The weather is sick nasty here... especially in the subways. Truly no point in showering when you sweat through your clothes after being outside for 2 seconds.
Ummm what else... oh I quit my job. I was on the verge of becoming suicidal so I had to get out fast. Craig wasn't too excited when I came home early one day and told him that I was no longer employed. But it was truly a waste of time and now I am onto bigger and better things- like hanging out with all my sistas in this diner.
I have a couple interviews this week so hopefully I won't be unemployed for long... not that I mind being unemployed but I do mind that I don't have internet. I think some income could change that situation.
Well peeps life is good. We love New York and already we don't want to move. I always said that I would never want to raise a family here but now that I see so many people doing it my mind on urban motherhood has definitely shifted. There are so many fun things to do with your kids. So who knows what will happen a couple years from now but I have definitely opened up to the idea of spending a lot of time here in Manhattan.
Come visit us...we live in such a fun spot.
Love you all.
PS I will try to post pics of our place as soon as I can... its just kinda a pain when internet is not so accessible


Crystal and Austin said...

Taylor, oh man, do I miss you! Your post made me lol (latin for laugh out loud, for those of you who didn't know). Sorry I haven't called since you've moved-- lemme 'slpain: It feels like I talk to you on a regular basis, because living at your house, with your parents, I get updates all the time. Life is wonderful here, although muskrats keep eating all of your mom's beautifully kept plants outside. I try to fend the off, but I'm scared of them and the baby one is kind of cute. Keep it real.

Oh, and we're coming there in August with my parents, so we'll come see you for sure.


Courtney said...

I'm glad youare liking NYC. Too bad about the job - I would have gone crazy just sitting there. Hopefully you can find another job soon so you get the Internet at home! Post some pics of your place.