Friday, July 25, 2008

Back on the Horse...

Yes I am employed so you can all stop worrying now about mine and Craig's poverty level.
I was hired to be a nanny/personal assistant for this wonderful family that lives on the Upper East side.
They have one 6 month old baby girl. The mom recently started her own cosmetic company and the dad is one of those finance men (seems like they all are here) They travel a lot and have a lot on their plate being very successful in the business world, managing homes and having a new baby to take care of... so hopefully I can be of some help to them.
Now when you come to visit me I will still be able to play with you, but I will have a cute baby with me. No she is not mine, no matter how convincing I may be at the whole mothering thing.
You can all refer to me now as Mary Poppins or Practically perfect in every way. Thank you to Ashlee for the fitting nick-name. I rather enjoy it.


Mandy said...

My girls would agree that you are practically perfect in every way. Hope you love the new job.

mindy said...

congrats on the nannying job!

i started a nannying job about a month ago-- its fun. hard...but fun.

sounds like you have a good deal going for you!

hope all is well