Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blasted New York City

Okay, so I'm really excited to move to Manhattan, but right now the frustration of finding a place to live is at its peak. Apartments are way too small and way too expensive... and its driving me mad. So here I am, homeless and losing hope.
My mother just built a fabulous suite on her 3rd floor equipped with a huge gorgeous bathroom, laundry room, bedroom and soon to have a nursery. Pretty sure if I had a place like that in Manhattan it would be around $3500 a month. Ridiculous. So now I plea, mother- will you move to New York and build me a suite? Thanks.
okay okay, Im coming across much more upset than I actually am. I am truly excited to live in the city. I think it will be one the funnest times of my life and I cannot wait.
If anyone is planning to come visit us in the city (and we hope you will) you are required to pay us $25 a month starting now to go towards living expenses and shopping trips :) Hope to see you soon!


Mandy said...

You can always come back and live with us. My girls would love it! Love the new look.

Erich said...

Your blog is so ugly now. Kinda like John. i wish he'd just shut his boca once in a while. We miss you guys.

Heidi Ainge said...

I am so happy you are updating your blog! I just love your writing, it allows me to get my fill of Tay. I hope your having fun in Boston. We miss having you guys here, especially when we need Celtics fans to watch the games with! I am going to talk to Tanner about planning a trip to NYC sometime in the fall....(we will see how it goes!)Love ya!

Hutchinson's said...

I want to know how the apartment or studio hunting went and if you heard from your lady friend. Thank you again for all you did the past week to make our trip so fun. We loved every second of it...well almost every second. HAHA. Love you Tay.

Jenna said...

I'm so excited for you two, keep the blog updates coming.