Monday, June 30, 2008

The parade

So I haven't updated for quite some time.... I shall begin my updating with the Celtics parade.
As we all know the Celtics won the championship this year (WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!) The games were insane, the crowds were wild, and we dominated the Lakers (which is my personal favorite team to mutilate) So in Boston after any team wins a championship there is a GIGANTIC parade downtown and they are like nothing I have ever seen before. I have only been to Red Sox and Patriots parades so the Celtics parade was a huge highlight in our lives. The parade consists of all the players and coaches and owners and other Celtics employees riding around the city on the Duck tour vehicles that are usually used for tourists and seas of people taking up every square inch past the yellow tape chanting and screaming and holding signs.
Anyway, we got to be in the parade this year and it was so exciting. Craig enjoyed pretending that the crowds were cheering for him and we all enjoyed the crowds giving my dad the praise he deserves.

And Im so mad right now because we finally took some pictures (they might be with a cell phone because of course we never remember a camera... but they will not cooperate. I'll try again with those later i suppose.

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