Thursday, May 22, 2008


So our mooching began last month when we moved into my sister in law Mandy's house. We stayed there for a month and made huge messes and ate all their food. Keep in mind she has 2 little girls and she is in the process of moving!! So ya, we are huge moochers to say the least. It was very nice for us though to be able to sell our Byu housing contract when the new semester began and live rent free for a month! Our only payment was baby sitting... and how hard is that when her little girls are so cute- Laney is kind of insane though or at least I thought she was until we came to AZ and I learned an entire new meaning of insane. We are now mooching off of Craigs other sister Courtney. Courtney had 5 children in less than 5 years which now leaves us with seth-6, kate, paige and ellie- 4, and Chase-1. So we are watching these munchkins while Courtney and Jeff are in Vegas for a day. The insanity began around 2pm and then we were educated on how to sell your house when you have 5 kids living in it... stay out of the house. So when we took all the children home we learned from the answernig machine that people were coming at 7 30 to look at their house. The thought "fabulous" goes through my mind. So the kids were all ready for bed and fed and then got to stay outside until past their bedtime. good times.
I have learned that no matter how cute and sweet little kids are- they can be difficult and I have a greater appreciaion for what all you mothers do everyday.
Well, we will continue to mooch off of Craig's family for another week and then we will move on to mooching off of my family for a month in Boston... which should be fun considering my other siblings will be mooching at the same time.
Well as you can see Craig and I are huge moochers and we are so lucky to have 2 awesome families that let us be. But we will be moving to Manhattan the beginning of July and we beg all of you to mooch off of us any time you are out East...PLEASE!


Amy said...

Oh my word, you are taking care of TRIPLETS??? Wow, mad props to you and to Craig's siter for surviving. Enjoy the mooching while you can - and stink on Manhattan cost of living, OUCH! So glad you were here for Mag and our fam over the turbulent times. Talk about part of the fam - you're the best.

Courtney said...

Thanks so much for watching the kids! I cannot even begin to imagine how wild and crazy they would have been during the funeral if we had taken them.

Hutchinson's said...

Isn't it kind of depressing when you see all of our other family members with hundreds of comments? Apparently people are interested in children....weird! Anyways, I miss you and I am begging Nate for a trip out there! LOVE YOU.

brooke martin said...

You are so funny Taylor- seriously all I have to say is MOOCH MOOCH MOOCH AWAY FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN! Take advantage, lie, cheat, or steal- do WHATEVER you have to to get buy...until you get caught. That's what life is ALL ABOUT!! Okay okay okay but seriously I was an anti moocher when we first got married...AND OH HOW I REGRET BEING THAT WAY! Family only wants to help. Don't feel guilty- and plus- I'd let a whole football team live with me if they promised to help out with babysitting. There isn't a greater service parents would want! See ya girl.