Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hey Craig... its been awhile

Hello friends and family-
So Wedding plans are moving along and everything is almost ready...
one minor problem though- The invitations have not arrived. One month before nuptials and our invites are MIA. So thats a problem.
My dress is almost finished- Thats good... it was really cheap... thats great... im getting fatter... so thats bad.
As for mine and Craig's relationship -it is currently put on hold. The poor guy works like crazy but he is kind enough to take the Fung Wah bus every weekend to Boston to see me and rekindle our flames. So i guess you could say Im pretty lucky.
Our future is pretty much a mystery all around. We are homeless and jobless but we remain hopeful- one of us being very frustrated with the being homeless thing and the other with the lack of job.
So we are a perfect pair and we will go ahead with this marriage idea.

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Mandy said...

I am not finding you all jobs but if there is anything i can do to help witht he house hunt, let me know. One more month!