Friday, July 27, 2007

Nice Neighbors

So my family friends the Dowlings invited us all over last week to have a little dessert party to celebrate the whole getting married and leaving thing. Very nice of them. Before we left they gave us some poetic marriage advice-

Craig- Good Luck with Taylor, She thinks she's pretty cool
I've seen her throw her tantrums so please be patient
Remember- she's just barely out of high school

You came here to Boston as just a high-pitched intern
Working very hard without much of a social life
You worked even harder when you saw Taylor and now you leave Boston with a wife

Taylor, I remember you as the towns newest social butterfly
Coming to seminary, well, most of the time
So Craig, I've seen Taylor very early in the morning- not her prime

Craig, They say a key to a happy life is a happy wife
So just keep saying yes dear, you're right
Because believe it or not you'll have an argument or 2
And unless you say "you're right"- It'll be an ugly sight
Taylor, Try to always remember these wonderful dating times
Because before long this will seem like a blur
And enjoy your relationship with your parents because Gone are the says when they reply to a request for money with "Oh sure"

- There is the sweet poem the Dowlings wrote to us. It is engraved on our hearts.
Too bad my parents never responded with "Oh Sure"... Or I'd definitely be taking advantage of that right now. I'm desperate for some new jeans.

If anyone has any fabulous marriage advice please share!

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Charity Kartchner said...

Taylor Ainge. what a trip. So, my little sister, Emily found your blog and I have to say, I can't believe you're all grown up!!

congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You look so happy! Good luck with everything!

Oh, and tell Ashlee I say hello!