Friday, October 7, 2011

Instagramma jamma

hey people
I apologize for the lack of blogging.
I have been busy cheating on blogger with Instagram.

The good news is- this means I have pictures to share :)

We have been up to no good as usual.  Climbing stairs and slides and kitchen tables and toilets and drawers... Luckily Eloise has managed to avoid major injury.
We go to the park most days and most days we go with Lulu's BFF Elle that lives down the street.
We went to Boston for a week to watch Cooper and Crew while my parents were on vacation. Teenagers... (PS remind me to tell you about our exciting Amtrak drama... police were involved)
Craig got to come party for conference weekend. ( and to cheer on Coop and Crew in their basketball tournament- PPS Congrats to Cooper who just got offered a spot on BYU basketball team!! We are SO happy for him!)
And now we are happy to be home. Back to decorating, park hopping, and pumpkin cookie making.
(and messes and laundry and cooking for 1)
We just cannot get enough of October.


Meagan said...

Those pillows. Please don't tell me you made them. I will make you make me all of them. Lulu's a doll. Her clothes are amazing. Go mommy.
Thanks for the post

jessica said...

you guys are so cute. i love lulu with the helmet on her face!! can you text/email me your address when you have a minute? jessibeaumont@gmail or 760.505.4901.

Jenna said...

cute pillows Taylor. love them! and those cookies look yummy!

Courtney said...

Thanks for posting some pics! Post the recipe for the cookies.

The Nixon Family said...

Welcome back! You re so sweet to stay with the boys. I want your pillows!

Dee Dee Cox said...

LuLu is darling. The cookies look delicious. I would rather cook dinner for 20 people than make cookies, but I do enjoy eating fresh cookies.

Sydney Lucero said...

Oh my goodnes.. taylor I miss you guys and New York! I want to come back! I love love blog stalking you. hope you don't mind:)

Debbie Halverson said...

I want to hear the police story please!! Those cookies are calling my name! They look like the pumpkin cookies I make! Lulu is darling! Love the upside down slide picture!