Monday, September 12, 2011

Last week/September 11th.

I feel like the last week was a whirlwind.
I am not usually so booked... I like my free time. :)
But last week consisted of a baby sick with Hand Foot Moth Disease, planning and throwing Amanda's baby shower, doing pedicures at a fancy little girls birthday party, Fashion Night Out (remember how I said I was never doing that again? somehow I got talked into it ), Date night- BBQ and a walk down the Highline. (followed by wanting a cupcake from Billy's and Craig and Nate buying a whole cake), Errands, BYU Football, a yummy Sunday dinner with friends, and September 11th.

For those that do not realize- I live 2 blocks away from the World Trade Center. 2 short blocks. I look out my bedroom window and can see the Freedom Tower lit up in Red White and Blue. I can hear the construction out my window.
Most days it doesn't phase me. But this weekend felt weird. With the threats and everything- I left for church yesterday morning with morbid thoughts running through my mind. I was walking with Eloise and the street seemed empty. I knew there were thousands gathered just a couple blocks away- but my street seemed quiet. There were security guards riding around on golf carts.  I walked down the subway stairs slowly and wondered if anything would happen while I was at church. While holding my baby, I realized this year I have far too much to lose. And it worried me a little bit. (not to be dramatic or anything)
This week in church I knew that nobody else was having a sacrament meeting like mine- we had 3 men speak that have lived here since before 9/11. One has lived here so long he watched the twin towers be built. And then watched them be destroyed.  It was fascinating. And heartbreaking.  Hearing their stories and descriptions  made me very aware of how close we are to it all. My street would have been covered in debris.  There would have been aid stations around my block. They told stories of hiking up 34 flights of stairs to check on neighbors  and I started making a checklist in my mind of all my friends I would need to check on, knowing how close they are too.
I don't think any of us really thought anything would happen yesterday. We feel safe here. But in the back of your mind you remember that nobody expected that 10 years ago either. And then you can't help but wonder if something like that could happen again.
It is weird how days like that make you a little scared to live here and also proud to be a New Yorker.


The Nixon Family said...

I was thinking of you yesterday. I'm glad it was a incident-free day. You live in a great spot! I want to come visit!

Dee Dee Cox said...

Great blog. Even living so far west I was emotional yesterday. I watched so much tv. It makes us all think, could it happen again.

The Nixon Family said...

are you dead?