Friday, October 28, 2011

All of a sudden...

It got cold. 
Sad. Gross. No fun.

It is going to be a very cold winter if Eloise doesn't learn to love the rain cover...
Sticking your head out of it kind of defeats the purpose. :/
I am hoping as it gets colder she will realize how not fun experiencing the elements is...

We are off to play in Chicago this weekend with Oscar and Oliver.
We have never been and cannot wait!

I am excited to go on a trip with Craig in tow. 
It always makes it feel extra special when we get to bring him along with us.
Or maybe it just feels a lot easier...
Maybe I should switch my seat and take a nap. Or read a book. Or a magazine! Tell someone else's baby to be quiet. So many options!

Before I go, here are some instagrammers from the past couple of weeks.

In remembrance of this fantastic October...

 We will miss bags of snacks. She has lost privileges.
My favorite was when she threw popcorn all over Banana Republic, and then J Crew, And then Gap.

We will miss brunching. Eloise is no longer invited to restaurants.

We will miss sunny Sunday strolls.
PS I have a love/hate relationship with our baby growing up. I took her on the subway yesterday sans baby carrier or stroller. It was fun just holding her hand. But she is growing up way too fast.

Most of all we will miss our perfect days at the park.
I do not look forward to fighting my daughter to put even more clothes on.
And fighting her to keep them on.
And I do not like runny noses. 

I have a feeling the following months will have a lot more of this-


Angela said...

Love that face in the top picture! She's such a little Craig. Your pictures are beautiful.

Granum Family said...

I'm dying at how cute she is.

Wikson said...

A Child is pretty. ;)
So cute!

Meagan said...

She is so cute. Oh my gosh.

Kimber said...

What is up with this weather?! I mean Saturday's storm was like one you'd expect in February! Hope you stayed warm!!

Jessica and Ryan Toolson said...

I want to eat her up! Her clothes are to die for. I miss you!

Jenna Robert said...

Dang she's really cute Tay. PS: I heard you and Anne ran into each other, you guys need to be New Yorker friends, she's awesome.

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