Saturday, April 2, 2011


The past couple weeks have been filled with illness and travel plans and horrible weather.
Eloise had her 9 month check up and has bronchiolitis again.  sad sad baby. She has such horrible coughing fits in the middle of the night and they scare me so much I usually end up cuddling with her on the couch so I know she is breathing. And I am coughing right along with her so it is truly a joy. 
We have been staying home a lot trying to get us better and watching a lot of signing time which is her absolute favorite.  She just stands in front of the TV and gets SO excited. It is adorable. And when she gets bored she just throws everything off of the bookshelves. :)
Eloise is now in the 45th percentile in height and weight. 3 months ago she was in the 85th! I thought that was crazy!  But now she crawls and climbs and tries to swim in the bathtub so I guess it makes sense.  At least I know she will never lose those cheeks.  Thank goodness.
I am sad I haven't been taking enough pictures of her lately.  She is too stinking cute to not document.
She laughs more, makes more messes, she now will leave the room I am in to go make even more messes, she is getting picky about her food and spits at me, she will pull stuff into her crib when she wakes up and play  she will stand up all by herself and gets so happy when I get excited and clap for her, she claps, she waves(when she feels like it) I am convinced she says mama. Not dada. For obvious reasons.:) And she really needs to start walking because all of her clothes are now dresses.

Here are a couple iPhone shots (I have even been slacking on those! ahhhh!) Hopefully the nice 50 degree weather and sunshine will inspire me.

And speaking of sunshine! We are going to AZ on Monday and then the following week Craig and I are leaving our bundle of joy to go to Hawaii.  I could not be more excited. We all better be feeling top notch before then!


The Nixon Family said...

yeah for hawaii!!! good choice. i wish i could go too. have fun in az with the fam.

Courtney said...

Is she on breathing treatments? I can bring my neublizer so you don't have to fly with one if you want. I hope everyone is healthy soon.

Mandy said...

I have a neublizer as well. My kids can't wait for Monday to finally come. said...

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