Monday, November 29, 2010


I hosted my first Thanksgiving this year.
I ordered a turkey and gravy from Whole Foods (which turned out delicious) and made some of our favorite side dishes.  the big hit was Craig's childhood favorite- Pretzel Jello.  Sounds weird but it is AMAZING.
Anyway, It was low stress, fun, and yummy holiday.
I woke up Friday morning with a text from my mom saying she was arriving in NYC at 11 am.
That was a fun surprise. We got to play with her and my brother Tanner and his family were in town so we got to have a mini family reunion on Friday. 
That night some good family friends took us to Peter Luger's and to see Wicked on Broadway. 
It was Craig's first time EVER to a Broadway show... and now I am glad we waited. 
It could not have been better.
The only thing bad about this weekend is that it has definitely turned cold. I knew the day would come...
 but now I fear it is here to stay for far too long.

Hope you all had a great holiday!

Cute Avery made these cornucopia name cards and this cute Thankful Turkey. 


Jenna Robert said...

I love pretzel jello. It's so good!

Briawna said...

jealous of the broadway trip. I LOVE wicked.