Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I love Harry Potter.
I have loved it since elementary school.
It was the first book I couldn't put down and stayed up all night to read.
I cannot wait until I get to re read them with all my kids. 
If you haven't read them- you are seriously missing out.
And the movie was amazing.
And terrifying.  
I do not recommend for children. (or maybe I'm just a pansy?)

Notice the 9 3/4 train stop.
Going to Hogwarts of course. :)
Thanks for the pic Shanna. love it.


Shanna said...


Nick and Lexie said...

It WAS really scary. You're not a pansy.

mindy said...

HUGE favor to ask of you taylor- meagan left a comment on my blog asking for my address n stuff- but i dont have an email or anything for her! haha. Can you get me her email or blog or anything??
thank you!!