Thursday, October 28, 2010

October summed up

I'm pretending October is over...
We all know how my Halloween went last year so we don't have any huge plans this weekend.
October was beautiful.
Definitely wins best month of the year.
Colorful leaves, nice weather, sweaters and scarves...can't get any better.
Eloise and I just spent 2 weeks in Boston and got to play with some of our favorite people.
First my sister and her 3 kids came to town. Party.
Then 2 of my friends came from NYC to see Boston. Party.
And then 3 of my favorite cousins came. Party.
It was SO fun, but to sum it all up- Exhaustion.
I was SO happy to finally come home and see Craig.  
We missed him and felt bad for leaving him for so long... 
and now that we are home we remember why we left him in the first place:)
Sooo next stop is Arizona.
Throwing best friend a bridal shower, playing with sis, hanging with the in laws.
Should be another great 2 weeks.


Lizzie said...

Just re-read your Halloween from last year. That was the craziest night ever. EVER.

Annie said...

Dear taylor, I am so sorry I have missed out on your hilarious, inspireing, and awesome blog for years now. I promise I will keep up faithfully to bring more happiness into my life because of your amazing mind. Thanks for having a blog. Love ya!
Your dear cousin from afar,

The Nixon Family said...

have a blast in az. lulu looks so cute in her pix!!! october was good...