Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Night

The night began great.
Craig and I were glad nobody could see our faces or we would probably have to be embarrassed.
We had great company and a great plan.
West Village Halloween Parade.
Then the night turned sour.
First people started thinking we were in the KKK.
That was actually kind of funny.
Then we found a spot to watch the parade...
and we stood there for over an hour before the parade began.
Then it started to rain.
And my costume was becoming my worst enemy.
And the large crowd resembling Times Square on New Years but with the addition of pornographic costumes  became my own worst night mare.
Every minute I thought I was going to lose my mind.
So I left. Could not take it one more second. Kind of a party pooper.
Then I was stuck in a crowd of people under scaffolding trying to move... and move we did not for 20 minutes.
And people started screaming at each other.
And one lady started crying and saying she was getting hurt and started to lose her mind...
I thought I might be next.
So we started pushing, we started moving, slowly.
Finally got out of that mess.
Back in the rain, moving through blocks and blocks of crazy people we finally found our way into the restaurant
a very crowded burger place on the corner of Bleecker.
And I was over it. Over Halloween. Over the rain. Over the west village. Over people. Over walking.
I was kind of a grouchy mess at this point.
I just wanted to teleport myself to my bed.
But instead we all grabbed a bite and ventured back into the night...
And of course the subway was closed down.
And of course the street we needed to cross was blocked off because of the stupid parade.
And so of course we walked in a big giant circle to get to our friends house in the East Village.
And I was happy to sit and drink cold water. So happy.
We had fun. Played games. Ate pumpkin cookies.
This one question game we played... we asked secret questions on paper and passed them around and we had to write secret answers...
Things like:
Who is most likely to have a mansion in the Hamptons some day?
Who do you think will have the most kids?
The majority of answers to these 2 questions were,
Taylor and her second husband. Taylor because if Craig doesn't get her a mansion she will find someone that can.
Taylor will have the most kids between all of her husbands...
Obviously I married Craig for his money. :) Its the kind of love that lasts.
The funniest thing of all that nobody knew is that Craig and I were the ones that wrote the first answers about me and my second husband.
And everyone thought it was so funny they kept it going.
Things like that make you feel satisfied inside.
Then the good times had to come to an end.
The East Village on Halloween is a crazy scene.
And catching a cab on Halloween night... impossible.
So we walked again. Far too long. Blisters. Chafing.
And then to top it all off we had to go grocery shopping because we had nothing for dinner on Sunday.
We just bought a box of mac and cheese.
And for some reason Craig prefers the Pokemon shaped noodles.
I fell asleep very fast.
And we got to sleep an extra hour due to daylight savings.
So all is well that ends well.


Mandy said...

I love when you blog Taylor. It always makes my day a little happier.

The Egan's said...

Disclosure. It really was not as terrible as sweet Taylor describes. Promise. We did have a little fun. Come on Tay- you didnt even mention your great company in all the horror of your night.

JT and Lizzie Davis said...

I am laughing my head off. Thank you for describing the scene that I could not find the words to describe. In fact, I still think you went easy on the crowd description. Also that game sounds hilarious.

Casey said...

Wahoo! Halloween in NYC. Can't wait to go to the parade again next year....NOT.

But come on, you loved it, just a little.