Saturday, October 2, 2010

I was sad to be inside today.  It was a bit chilly- but beautifully Octoberish outside.
I wish we went apple picking and ate donuts and cider.
But instead we stayed inside and "watched" conference.
Craig whined about me not getting the laundry done and about us not having any food to eat.
I guess the rainy days made me a lazy wife this week...
But he judges my mothering skills on how cute my baby is and he made me have a mini photo shoot because he thought she was extra adorable today... so I am succeeding at mothering at least.
He doesn't have to know his baby girl is wearing boys clothes. :)



Amanda and William said...

wow! These are amazing pics- love that last one Tay. Shes so cute. Happy Anniversary. XOXO

Jenna Robert said...

She's in a chambray shirt. I love it! Thanks so much for the invite to come stay in NY with you guys, if Dustin has a free weekend I really want to come, I wanna see baby girl! I'll call you if that's the case.