Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I forgot to tell you...

About Miss Eloise

She thinks she can talk... but between you and me- I can't understand one thing she says.
She tries to fit her entire fist in her mouth.
She loves her pacifier- but also likes to spit it out and then dig her face into the nearest thing trying to retrieve it. Silly.
She poops almost once a day- sometimes skips a day and poops through her pants.  Nice.
She LOVES bath time.  So much she pees a little... in the water of course- unless she is super excited... In that case she would pee all over me.
She burps like a man- 
which brings up a question-
When do you stop saying "good girl!" And start saying "That isn't very lady like" ?? 
She sleeps all through the night. 8-6:30 ish
She wakes up singing and yelling.
She smiles all day long- even when she wakes up in the middle of her nap... and pretends like she's not tired.  But she is.  And I know it.  Because I said so.  Because I'm the mom.
Craig is a gigantic push over.  She has him wrapped around her tiny finger.  I would say for him to grow a pair... (but then I would get an email from my mother about my language... true story.)
She loves her daddy.  And Craig is obessed with her.  I get a little jealous sometimes but it is pretty adorable seeing those two together.  We just wish it happened more often. Sad.
Only time Eloise gets truly angry is tummy time.  Sooo...we don't have much of that around here these days.
Sometimes I think she is bi polar.  She can switch from laughing to crying or vice versa  instantly.
I think she looks like my baby pictures... I was a little cheeky myself.
but there is definitely some Craig and I just can't figure out what exactly...
We skipped her 3 month check up- woops.(apparently I forgot that day was my birthday)
 But last month she was in the 75th percentile in height and weight.
Big girl.
She rolled over for the first time yesterday!...but refuses to do it a second time.
She has a yucky cold right now and it breaks my heart. I can tell she does not feel well... 
yet she remains smiley.
It is impossible to not smile back at her.  She is such an angel.
I love her so much it scares me.  
Three months of her and I can't imagine my life without her.


Ashlee said...

You are adorable. I'm going to print this out and frame it and hang it in Eloise's teenage room. So when she slams the door- so mad at you, she can be reminded of how much her parents love her.

(but maybe I'll delete the "grow a pair" line. Does that mean I've turned into mom? :)

Betsy said...

Thank you for the post. It is so nice to know what she is doing. We always love the pictures. .She is cute

Briawna said...

yes, you were a little "cheeky", in both senses of the word. Miss Eloise is beautiful. I love big, round babies. Wish Teya would just get fat already. She's all cheeks but still long and skinny. :-)

The Nixon Family said...

ash, yes you have turned into a mom b/c i thought that was the funniest part!
can't wait to hold your little angel!