Saturday, August 21, 2010


People ask me all the time what my favorite thing to do in the city is...
it is always hard for me to answer because the truth is my favorite thing to do is nothing at all.
We walk out the door and just walk and walk down whatever street looks appealing to us that day.
We always discover something new. cute shops and bakeries and bike shops and parks and book stores...
and my favorite discoveries of all are of dream homes.

To most of you this probably seems average.
To me... urban sanctuary.

Today we took a long walk up Greenwich street through Tribeca and the West Village and through Meat packing district, stopped for ice cream at Chelsea Market, fed baby girl on the Highline (Craig was horrified that I pumped in public... good thing he wasn't there when I did it on the subway :)), and then walked back to the west village for a yummy Italian dinner with friends.
My favorite kind of day.  
We will sure sleep well tonight... oh wait... no we won't....


Ashlee said...

did you take those photos? impressed.
Yes- that sounds like a heavenly day. I wish I had been there

Stephanie said...

Love the photos!! Did you get a new camera I need to know about?? :)

PS: I love the pic of Craig feeding Lulu...those are my favorite moments with John and Abby too. Glad you captured a good moment. Mine are all bad cell phone photos.