Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Happy Anniversary to us!
We are happy and in love most of the time.
Probably 95%  the time.
So we get an A.

As you can see... I used to like him a lot.

And I still do.( like I said.. most of the time.)
(Trip to DC in October with the Egan's. Didn't know I was pregnant or why I was a little tired and grumpy.  But supposedly the Egan's thought we were very touchy feely and decided to capture me attacking my man at the Washington Monument :)

Our 3rd year of marriage was definitely the best I'd say.
 I'm very grateful for that because I think our 4th will be the worst.
Hopefully we will make it. 
Wish us luck! :)


Courtney said...

Happy anniversary!

Hutchinson's said...

Posts like these make me love you even more! I want to hold your baby again! Love you guys!

Ashlee said...

you are so adorable. and craig is awesome. good people, you two. Happy Anniversary.

Nick and Lexie said...

Taylor - Congrats. Three years is quite an accomplishment. The next three will go by so fast (not sure if that's good or bad :)).

And P.S. Little Elouise, whom I am claiming is named after me because you call her Lulu, is absolutely adorable.

Lizzie said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! So my question is does 3 years of marriage = not newly weds anymore??

Amanda and William said...

First of all- There is no supposedly to this statement about how we felt. Secondly, We love yall. So happy we are almost at our anniversary of being friends for one year!!! Ahhh seems like a lot longer. I better get a post for that one too! xoxo

Ashlee said...

I forgot to say you're welcome.
Because I told you to marry him.

The Nixon Family said...

Happy anni! You make me laugh!