Thursday, April 8, 2010

The bump.

For all of you that needed to see my bump and make me do what I hate most... there you go.  It's your lucky day.  There is my tummy tum tum. 
I have a feeling I am going to regret this.

This tummy of mine has made laying out very awkward and difficult.(rough life) That is something you don't think about until you try it.  The whole no laying on back or stomach thing is getting really old. Over it.
This tummy  usually gets me a spot on the subway. Usually. We are trying to walk more now though... the weight gain is getting a little out of hand.
I took this tummy into the hot tub at our hotel last weekend for maybe 2 minutes...a random lady came up and told me that she was worried about me and wanted me to get out.  How kind of her... ??
The baby girl inside this tummy could still double or triple in size. Scary. Yikes. Huge. Ouch. 
And lets not forget about the possible Cannon sized cranium.  Ouch again.
Craig's belly continues to shrink.  So much for sympathy weight.  Rude. He must be confused when I say I am eating for 2.  I am eating for the baby Craig.  Not you. Fatten up please.
I can't see my legs and feet anymore.  Thank goodness for leg cramps in the night to assure me that my lower limbs are still there.  

Anyway, as you can plainly see... me and baby girl are very happy and say the least.
Just 11 more weeks!!


Ashlee said...

A photo!!! Whahoo!
You're darling. And big. :)

Ashley Madsen said...

THANK YOU!!! You look so cute! Now time for a full picture, face and all. Too much to ask??? Love it Taylor!

Lizzie said...

Only 11 more weeks?!?! WOW! Cute picture. said...

YAY! A BABY. you look so prego and sexy. i wish i could see it in person. seriously. you look adorable.

stacie and geoffrey... said...

Love it! You are hilarious and so cute, can't wait to see your baby girl!

Granum Family said...

You look adorable!!!

Stephanie said...

I love it!! I agree with this Ashley Madsen chic though ... full body pics please! We like to see your face.

You look great! I can't wait to meet the new little one. Love you guys.

Amanda and William said...

I am so happy with this post. I want the baby to get bigger. and you too. Now would be good.

The Nixon Family said...

love it. you are not a whale you dork. wouldn't it be great if you could wear that outfit walking the streets of nyc? it'd make the hot mess less hot. darling!