Friday, April 9, 2010

puj tub

I have been researching baby products of course... trying to find the best and most practical of everything offered out there.  I don't have all the answers yet- but I have one... The Puj Tub. By far the best baby bathing solution out there. I was introduced to it this week by the inventor herself- she is a close family friend of Craig's and I was able to help her at a baby product show for press and celebrities a few days ago.  Not a crafty type a show... we are talking we were next to skip hop and stokke and Graco... She is kind of big time these days.  She sure doesn't need my help selling her product!
Anyway, I know a million people having babies this summer- just wanted to make one decision easier for all of you!!


The Nixon Family said...

p.s i am so sorry you still have 78 days to go. ouch.

Ben and Chelsee said...

I am offically buying that bathtub. It is a little early since I am BARELY in my 2nd trimester, but whatever it will have to collect dust. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and you have a sweet belly and I don't think you are huge. You look great, and I am so happy for you and Craig.