Monday, March 22, 2010

rain rain go away

Saturday... Oh what a day.
Too bad its RAINY again.... lame.  Please don't rain until July like last year... please.
Who knows when the warmth and sunshine will return, but I am so glad I enjoyed it to its fullest.
I was outside ALL DAY.  I even have rosy cheeks to prove it... and blisters on my feet. 
It was so nice to get some sunshine and feel HOT and walk the city on such a beautiful day.  Weather makes all the difference in the world to me...
Days like that make me love the city.  It is so fun walking everywhere when it is nice out!
It also makes me want to move to Southern California... because I want that weather all the time. so bad.

I hate the rain. I really do.  I look better with a tan.

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The Nixon Family said...

i think we should all just move to encinitas. this winter is killing me. i want a pic of your belly. seriously. you and craig are going to look back and think, why didn't we ever take pix! show us the baby bump!